First Friday

Arcata Playhouse

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or nothing in particular, December is a month chock-full of events. 

Arts organizations gear up for a major blitz of happenings, from concerts of choirs and handbell ensembles and full orchestras, to holiday-themed plays and gallery shows.  We offer a sample in our December edition of First Friday Arts.

This monthly feature is all listener-generated: phone calls from arts organizations and individuals fill out the list of arts events around the region. 800-838-3760 is the call-in line. 


"When the frost is on the punkin and the fodder’s in the shock,

And you hear the kyouck and gobble of the struttin’ turkey-cock..." 

It sure sounds like James Whitcomb Riley's poem is EXACTLY about this time of year.  We're leaving carved pumpkins behind and heading for the holiday where the turkey takes center stage. 

And since it's the first Friday of the month, we pause for the November edition of First Friday Arts.  It's all listener-generated content; arts organizations get an email invitation to call 800-838-3760 with news of arts events coming to stages and galleries around the region. 

Camelot Theatre

The equinox is behind us; the nights are now longer than the days.  Cool.  Cool in both senses of the word: the weather and the chance to spend our evenings taking in some regional works of art. 

We showcase a month's worth of arts events in our First Friday Arts segment, celebrating all art on stage and in galleries (with all kinds of other venues). 

It is ALL listener-generated content... we invite arts organizations around the region, large and small, to call us with details of their events. 

Al Case/Ashland Daily Photo from

September is here!  And the arrival of a new month means it's time for our First Friday Arts segment. 

It's a perusal of arts events coming to the region in the weeks ahead, completely people-powered.  Meaning all the content is provided by people who call to the studio live, at 800-838-3760

Learn about events from art openings in Mendocino to open-mike nights in Eugene, and everything in between.  The segment lasts as long as the calls go on. 

Rodney Rampy/Randall Theatre

We're in the home stretch now for the end of the summer, and the arts events are still coming fast and furious.  Stages and galleries in many towns will be busy through the month of August. 

We sync up with the First Friday arts events in several towns by offering our own overview of coming attractions, called First Friday Arts. 

It's all listener-generated content; we email invitations across the region, and let them call 800-838-3760 to boost their events on Friday morning. 


First Friday is a day to celebrate the arts on the Jefferson Exchange.  But the Independence Day holiday presents a minor obstacle: we're not working on Friday, July 5th. 

So our monthly First Friday Arts segment becomes, for July only, First Wednesday Arts!  We send out the usual invitations to arts organizations throughout the region: call 800-838-3760 to tell us about the musical or theatrical or gallery events in your town in July. 

Summer is (almost) here, and with it a huge variety of arts events around the region. 

We highlight as many as time will allow in our First Friday Arts segment.  It's all listener-generated content: we invite arts organizations to call with news of their events--800-838-3760--and keep taking calls until they run out. 

Jay Gordon

Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, I wonder where the entertainment is.  Or something like that. 

Spring is in full bloom around the region, and so is the region's arts scene.  So let's catch up: our monthly arts buffet, First Friday Arts, returns.

It's all listener-generated content: we open the phone lines for calls from and about arts organizations, about arts events in the coming weeks. All calls go to 800-838-3760.

Randall Theatre

The Shakespeare Festival (indoor) theaters are open, the weather is warming up, and April figures to be a fine month in the arts in the region. 

So let's catch up on the arts scene: our monthly arts buffet, First Friday Arts, returns.  It's all listener-generated content: we open the phone lines for calls from and about arts organizations, about arts events in the coming weeks. 

All calls go to 800-838-3760

Steve Sutfin/Camelot Theatre

Here comes March... in like a lion, out like a lamb.  We hope, anyway. 

And while we wait for the official arrival of spring, we can pass the time by taking in some of the arts events of this waning winter.  Events on stages and in galleries are the core of our monthly First Friday Arts segment. 

It's all content from the audience... we invite arts organizations to call in with news of their events. 

Cephas, CC BY-SA 3.0,

February, already?  We're not complaining... how could we object to the arrival of the month that includes Black History Month, St. Valentine's Day, and other highlights? 

It's a short month, but an action-packed one, and we aim to cram as many arts events as time allows into the February edition of our First Friday Arts segment.  For listeners, it's a buffet of arts events from around the region, called in to 800-838-3760

We invite arts organizations from all around to call in. 

Youtube/Camelot Theatre

Plenty of Christmas decorations are still hanging there, but it's time to talk about entertainment options for January. 

Our First Friday Arts segment returns, giving a chance for arts organizations to tout their performance plans for the weeks ahead.  It's probably true that January won't have quite as much on offer as December, but there's plenty to talk about. 

We throw open the phone line at 800-838-3760 for news of arts events happening soon. 

Youtube/Camelot Theatre

Hallelujah, it's the final month of 2018!  And as in any December, there is a veritable blizzard of arts events to take in, from Christmas concerts to gallery openings. 

We welcome any and all of them to our monthly First Friday Arts segment. 

It's a potluck... we spread the word among arts organizations that they can call 800-838-3760 and publicize their events free of charge and no strings attached. 

Summer is officially behind us, and everything is turning orange.  As long as it's not the orange-colored air quality warning, we're okay with it. 

Autumn brings renewed vigor to many things, including the arts scene.  We sync up with First Friday Art Walks in our region by offering our First Friday Arts Segment: half an hour of nothing but phone calls boosting arts events in all corners of the region. 

Join in by calling 800-838-3760, live on Friday morning. 


Ah, the balance of September.  A little summer, a little fall, the days roughly equal in length to the nights, the temperatures (usually) not too extreme. 

Sounds like a great month for arts activities, and there will be plenty to enjoy. 

Our First Friday Arts segment showcases them, with the help of many phone calls.  We invite arts groups from around the region to call 800-838-3760 live in the morning to plug arts events for the coming weeks. 

Oregon Cabaret Theatre

It's been a bumpy few weeks for the arts world.  Wildfire smoke has forced cancellations of outdoor plays at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and forced the Britt Orchestra indoors. 

But there's a lot of summer left, and a lot of great arts events planned for stages and galleries across this wide region. 

We get a list of the events in our monthly First Friday Arts segment.  You can listen and make plans, or you can call with details of an arts event near you... just call 800-838-3760 during the live airing of the show, Friday between 8 and 8:30 AM. 

Colorado Public Radio

July can be the hottest month of the year, in several senses of the word. 

Even if the weather does not produce totally scorching days, the arts scene is cooking with numerous events, many of them outdoors. 

Our First Friday Arts segment scans the landscape for events on stages and in galleries throughout the region. 

And it's ALL listener-generated content. 

What we put on the air on First Friday is the phone calls we receive.  Put an event on the table (and on the air) by calling 800-838-3760. 

Sonido Alegre Facebook page

June is here, and so is our First Friday Arts segment! 

This may be one of the most momentous arts months of the year, with many outdoor events--like the opening of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival's Elizabethan Theatre--happening. 

Add to that the summer solstice, and there's just a lot to sing and dance about.  We give an outlet to singers and dancers and other artists, inviting phone calls from around the region to plug arts events, at 800-838-3760. 

This month's list takes us right through the Fourth of July.

The days are longer, the weather is (mostly) warmer, and the outdoor concert season is not far away.  About a month away, it seems. 

But there are plenty of arts events to see, hear, and celebrate in May.  And we provide airtime to talk about them in our First Friday Arts segment. 

It's what the Web calls "user-generated content"... we open the phone lines at 800-838-3760 and invite people to call with details on events large and small, on stage or in galleries, in the month of May. 

RV Symphony

Spring is in full swing as we roll out the April edition of our First Friday Arts Segment. 

We offer a series of chats on arts events coming to towns around the region, but it's all audience-driven: the phone calls make the segment. 

Call 800-838-3760 to be one of the participants; tell the audience about an event in the performing or visual arts coming soon.