North Korea Announces Testing Of New 'Tactical Guided Weapon'

Updated at 6:07 a.m. ET Thursday North Korea says its leader Kim Jong Un has overseen the testing of a "new-type tactical guided weapon." With nuclear negotiations between the U.S. and North Korea stalled, Kim emphasized that he is continuing to upgrade his country's military. Hours later, North Korea also demanded that U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo be removed from future nuclear negotiations. Pyongyang's foreign ministry accused Pompeo of misrepresenting comments Kim made last week,...

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JPR Live Session: The Brothers Reed (2019)

Despite their brotherhood, Aaron and Phil Reed didn’t start playing music together until five years ago after Phil left their hometown of St. Charles, Missouri to join Aaron in the unsullied mountains of the American Northwest. The brothers family blend of folk encapsulates the grit and humor of Midwest life with the swagger and serenity of the west coast. Their style evokes finger picking folk singers of the 60’s and 70’s with a contemporary and boundless edge. Cultivated from years of performing in bands ranging from heavy metal to reggae and rock, to punk, country, and funk, their musical dichotomy is at the root of their diverse yet seamless folk-brand.

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Cannabis Bucks Boost Commercial Real Estate

The legal cannabis industry is certainly making the dollars flow in Northern California. Example: business property that sat vacant for years got buyers--from cannabis-related businesses--soon after legalization. Shasta Gateway Industrial Park in Shasta Lake City sold off its last three undeveloped parcels in the boom. There are some particular twists in the activity in a mostly cash-only industry.

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Activists Want California To Ban Fracking. What Does Gov. Newsom Want?

California has been deeply involved with the oil and gas business since the first wooden derricks were erected in sleepy Kern County in the 19 th century. But these days California is flush with laws, regulations and goals that will likely cause the state to eventually sever its long relationship with fossil fuels. One of the flashpoints in that still-evolving association is hydraulic fracturing—or fracking—the controversial high-pressure pumping of chemicals and water into underground rock...

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Paradise, Calif., Water Is Contaminated But Residents Are Moving Back Anyway

Five months after the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California history, the town of Paradise remains a disaster zone. Only 6 percent of the debris from last November's Camp Fire has been hauled away. Burned out skeletons of cars, piles of toxic rubble and blackened old-growth pine trees can still be seen everywhere. Before the wildfire, the population of Paradise was about 26,000. Today, it's in the hundreds. The extent of the latest crisis unfolding in Paradise is yet unknown:...

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The Department of Justice issued an order on Tuesday that could keep thousands of asylum-seekers detained while they wait for their cases to be heard in immigration court — a wait that often lasts months or years.

The ruling by Attorney General William Barr is the latest step by the Trump administration designed to discourage asylum-seekers from coming to the U.S. hoping for refuge.

UPDATE (Wednesday, April 17, 10:12 a.m.) – A Multnomah County judge sentenced Russell Courtier to life in prison for the 2016 murder of Larnell Bruce Jr. Courtier will serve at least 30 years before becoming eligible for parole.

In order to pass the Oregon Senate, a bill to scale back strict mandatory sentences on juvenile offenders needed to meet a steep threshold: two-thirds of senators’ support in a 30-person chamber where Republicans hold 12 seats.

And in a dramatic vote that appeared uncertain until the very end, Senate Bill 1008 had just enough to pass. Three Republicans joined 17 Democrats to approve the bill by a razor-thin margin of 20-10. It now moves to the House.

UPDATE 10:12 a.m. PT) – A national advocacy group filed a class-action lawsuit Tuesday against the Oregon Department of Human Services, alleging the agency revictimizes children in its foster care system and has failed to address documented problems for at least a decade.

The nonprofit A Better Childhood filed the lawsuit along with Disability Rights Oregon and lawyers from the firm Davis Wright Tremaine.


Wolf populations are increasing in Oregon, which makes a proposed wolf management plan released Monday all the more controversial. In fact, neither conservationists nor cattle owners are entirely happy with the proposal.

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"A rising tide lifts all boats" is often the rationale for tax cuts for wealthy people.  But the phrase can be applied in other ways, too. 

For one, the California Immigrant Policy Center recommends helping residents develop skills for the workforce, regardless of immigration status, because it can help the overall economy.  CIPC lays out the case in a recent policy brief

Criminal justice reform advocates are getting a thorough airing of their proposals, with some changes in law already passed. 

Oregon is one of several states where the legislature is considering bills to change the juvenile justice system, so people do not enter the justice system as children and stay there for life.  

The senate passed a comprehensive overhaul bill, SB 1008, on Tuesday.  The bill goes to the house.

The ACLU of Oregon is one of the groups pushing for juvenile justice reform. 

National Park Service/Public Domain

Human management of the environment is based on a lot of trial and error.  Even if we're willing to fix the errors, how far back do we go? 

The first humans to affect the landscape didn't take notes, so there's a lot of guessing... and no guarantees that we've considered the myriad of variables. 

Former park/forest ranger Jordan Fisher Smith points out the difficulties in managing wilderness and other land types in his book Engineering Eden, now in paperback. 

UPDATE (8:20 p.m. PT) — On Monday, investigators identified the man who shot and killed a Cowlitz County Sheriff’s deputy as 33-year-old Brian Butts, the half brother of a man who killed another police officer eight years ago.

Deputy Justin DeRosier, 29, was killed Saturday night while responding to a complaint about a mobile home parked on Fallert Road in Kalama, Washington.

People who use drones that interfere with conventional aircraft could be charged with a crime under a bill approved Monday in the Oregon Senate.


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