79 Killed In California's Camp Fire As Number Of Missing Drops To 699

Updated at 10:25 p.m. E.T. Authorities in California added two more fatalities on Monday night to the death toll from the Camp Fire, bringing its total number of deaths to at least 79. The number of people unaccounted for has decreased to 699 — about 300 fewer than Sunday's count, and 600 fewer than Saturday's. At least 82 people have died throughout the state since wildfires broke out earlier this month. Three of those fatalities were from the Woolsey Fire in Southern California. Authorities...

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JPR Live Session: Estas Tonne'

Estas Tonne’ describes himself as a charismatic being who is committed to artistic expression and to the authentic unfolding of music. Authenticity and self-renewal makes him explore the individuality of sound and the possibilities of how the sounding source can create a space that arises creatively and that in the same time allows the listener to momentarily adapt it – for the purpose of wellbeing and for the purpose of a shift. By traveling to numerous countries and places, Estas Tonne'...

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Maiden Voyage: New JX Food Segment, "Savor"

Maybe it's because our live broadcast falls between breakfast and lunch, but we like talking about food. In fact, we like it enough to launch a regular local segment about food. It starts here... under the name "Savor." The segment features a new partner: food aficionado William Smith. And a guest: Regan Emmons of the Rogue Valley Food System Network . They get into some of the details of getting more locally-sourced food into our diets, especially in Thanksgiving dinner.

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The Presidential Turkey Pardon's Weird Roots Go Back To The Iran-Contra Scandal

The president is going to pardon a turkey. Full stop. Insert joke. These things write themselves. But seriously, it's happening again Tuesday — the peculiar Washington tradition of a president pardoning a Thanksgiving turkey. "Over the past 10 months, Melania and I have had the pleasure of welcoming many, many special visitors to the great White House," President Trump said during his first turkey-pardoning ceremony last year. "We've hosted dozens of incredible world leaders, members of...

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President Trump arrives in Northern California to assess the damage from the Camp fire.
Andrew Nixon

Handshakes And Kind Words From Trump, Brown And Newsom, Touring Wildfire Damage

President Trump arrives in Northern California to assess the damage from the Camp fire. Andrew Nixon Updated 5:24 p.m. President Donald Trump has toured the damage from the most devastating wildfire in California history with two of his most vocal critics: Gov. Jerry Brown and Gov.-elect Gavin Newsom. Jerry I have been speaking, and Gavin and I have now gotten to know each other, the president said while touring a trailer park in the town of Paradise thats been destroyed by the Camp Fire....

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According to some Oregon and Washington legislators, it's high time to get rid of the twice-yearly ritual of changing clocks.

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Veterans Day came and went, but the Go Vets program continues at the Rogue Valley Transportation District.  The name is almost self-explanatory; it's about helping vets find mobility through riding RVTD buses. 

And mobility can lead to so much more... jobs, friends, shopping, and more.  The program includes training for vets in making full use of the system. 

By Sarah Bohannon and Marc Albert, NSPR

Nearly a thousand people are still unaccounted for following the Camp wildfire. Authorities still consider the list to be somewhat raw as hundreds are just now starting to move out of unofficial shelters.

A counter-protest to the #MeToo movement was met with backlash from Portland protesters in a demonstration that resembled the type over which the city's mayor sought more power.

Left-leaning Portlanders came to protest a so-called #HimToo rally, which was billed as the antithesis of the #MeToo movement and was started by people who believe that men are victims of false accusations of sexual assault.

Oregon Senate Democrats Tap Courtney, Burdick As Leaders

Nov 17, 2018

After recent talk of disaffection in their ranks, Oregon Senate Democrats on Friday tapped their longtime leaders to serve next year.

At a coastal retreat, the chamber's Democratic caucus chose Peter Courtney, D-Salem, as Senate president and Ginny Burdick, D-Portland, as majority leader, the same leadership team that’s been in place since 2015.

They’ll have a slightly different supporting cast, including Sen. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward, D-Beaverton, serving as deputy majority leader, and Sen. Rob Wagner, D-Lake Oswego, as majority whip.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown is embracing a proposal by the Oregon Health Authority to raise cigarette taxes — but she’s rejecting the agency’s bid to raise alcohol taxes.

Brown said she buys the agency’s argument that smoking is a major factor in driving up health care costs in Oregon and that tobacco taxes should play a bigger role in helping fund the Oregon Health Plan.

But the governor said that increasing taxes on beer, wine and cider faces too many political hurdles.

A city official is responding to an FBI report showing Eugene has the highest number of hate crimes in Oregon. KLCC’s Brian Bull reports. 

If you've traveled the central Oregon coast, you might remember the signs marking Depoe Bay's claim to fame: the "World's Smallest Harbor." But now that harbor is getting even smaller because of accumulating silt.

As a prescribed burn makes its way through a forest crews follow it making sure hazard trees are cut down. It’s a preventative measure taken to ensure the public’s safety.
Ezra David Romero / Capital Public Radio

As a prescribed burn makes its way through a forest crews follow it making sure hazard trees are cut down. It’s a preventative measure taken to ensure the public’s safety.

Ezra David Romero / Capital Public Radio


Ashland-based Project A started helping businesses and other organizations put up websites and expand their technology before many of us had even seen the web.  The success of Project A has allowed co-founder Jim Teece to branch out into other ventures. 

Those include buying a business called Art Authority, which makes high quality prints for notecards and other products from the art of museums around the world. 


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