California Struggles To Get Food Stamps To The Hungry; Oregon Does Much Better

California, a state with the nation’s highest poverty rate, consistently ranks near the bottom when it comes to enrolling low-income people in CalFresh, the state’s name for the federal food stamp program.

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JPR Live Sessions Presented By Sierra Nevada: Simon Chrisman & Wes Corbett

Simon and Wes started down the musical road at around the same time, on the same small island, but only met by chance and with the accidental help of jazz guitarist Bill Frissell and a local noodle shack. Fast friends from the start, they’ve made music together every chance they’ve had along the way, making two records with chamber grass outfit the Bee Eaters, and stealing chances to get in a tune or two when passing through each other’s city of residence while on tour with other bands. Now, sixteen years after meeting, they’re releasing their first duo recording.

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Liam Moriarty/JPR News

Carr Fire One Year Later: Economic Recovery

It may seem like yesterday, but the Carr Fire destroyed all those homes in Redding a full year ago. The memory is fresh for many people because their homes are not yet rebuilt. But the area is continuing to recover from the devastation. Superior California Economic Development is one of a host of entities helping guide the post-fire recovery.

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Despite A Growing Latino Middle Class, California Families Face Hurdles Getting There

One recent Saturday morning, about a hundred people sat on folding chairs in a hall at the First Christian Church in Downey. They were there for the church’s weekly food distribution. Volunteers called out names from a list as people waited their turn to get in line for donated groceries. Among those waiting was Janette Perez. She sat in one row of chairs, holding her baby boy in her lap. Her 6-year-old-son played nearby. It was their first time here.

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Once Nearly Dead As The Dodo, California Condor Comeback Reaches 1,000 Chicks

The California condor, North America's largest bird, once ruled the American Southwest and California's coastal mountains. The vulture-like bird was revered by Native Americans and was believed to contain spiritual powers. Hundreds of years later, its future seemed all but certain. Defying odds, conservation efforts brought the species back and prevented it from joining the dodo in extinction. Now, condor reintroduction celebrates a milestone: Chick No. 1,000 has hatched. In the 1980s, fewer...

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It's tough to recall a time when listening to music — and making it — wasn't completely synonymous with streaming. The idea of filling an iPod up with carefully selected digital files almost feels like a distant memory, though it wasn't that long ago that these kinds of players, and the digital library of songs you built through them, embodied the future of music.

A small group of union activists gathered outside the Fred Meyer store in Eugene Friday to call attention to what they say is gender-pay inequity.

James Bernal/KPCC

  In the real estate firm where she works, Monica Rivera has a window office. 

At 29, she has a great job, managing a team of agents. She has a degree from USC. The walls of her office are adorned with the awards she’s won and family photos.

In the center of one wall is a small, framed photo that stands out. It’s a faded black and white snapshot of a woman with dark hair, seated at a workbench, making something with her hands. Rivera calls her Abuela Nina – her grandmother.  

Giant rats sound like something to be scared of, perhaps. But the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Tacoma, Washington, thinks quite the opposite about the African giant pouched rats it just put on display. The rodents are billed as "hero rats."

The new artistic director of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival is about to show audiences a taste of her work.

Nataki Garrett has worked in several major cities, including Denver, the Los Angeles area, and Dallas. She's been in Ashland for visits since April and she begins full-time at the festival Aug. 1.

The year was 1966. LBJ was president. The Beatles topped the charts with "Revolver." And the space race between the United States and the Soviet Union was on — including in the Central Oregon town of Bend.

So much so, says local resident Rick Miller, that “they called Bend ‘moon country.’”

The Trump administration is planning changes to the U.S. citizenship test. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services says it is revising the test to ensure that "it continues to serve as an accurate measure of a naturalization applicant's civics knowledge."

Humans first landed on the moon 50 years ago on July 20. Former astronaut Michael Collins was a member of the historic mission.

: 7/20/19

In an early version of the audio, we incorrectly referred to the far side of the moon as the dark side of the moon.

On July 20, the world will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

Before the astronauts ever made it to the lunar surface, they trained in Oregon's own "Moon Country." That's what local newspapers called Central Oregon's lava fields after NASA visited the area. 

Nelsen Family Farm

The drive to get people to eat food grown near their homes continues to produce new initiatives.  The Oregon Farm Bureau, which already celebrated agricultural producers through "Oregon's Bounty," just added a new searchable directory to the online publication. 

One of the beneficiaries is the Nelsen family of the Illinois Valley.  Maybe you saw their farm stand, advertising "Sweet Cron."  The misspelling certainly draws attention. 


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