Trump Formally Recognizes Israeli Sovereignty Over Golan Heights

President Trump signed a proclamation Monday that recognizes Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, formalizing the Middle East policy shift he announced over Twitter last week. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was with Trump at the White House as he signed the presidential proclamation. Prior to the signing, Netanyahu made remarks lavishing praise onto Trump that drew comparisons between the president and the Persian emperor Cyrus as heroic defenders of the Jewish people. ...

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JPR Live Session: H.C. McEntire

H.C. McEntire , frontwoman of Mount Moriah, struck out on her own with her debut solo album Lionheart . Stereogum describes her voice as “ weary, wise, and bright as morning sunshine all at once, ” and that sunshine glows throughout the triumphant Lionheart .

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Public Domain, Pixabay

More News Of Pesticides On Food

Shopping trips always bear interesting results for the Environmental Working Group . It's become a frequent occurrence: EWG analyizes test data from USDA and FDA, and the government tests frequently show the presence of pesticides. Dr. Olga Naidenko is a senior science advisor on children's environmental health at EWG; she participated in two recent pieces of research that detailed the non-food items found on common food items.

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Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

California’s Patchwork Of Care For The Undocumented: Where You Live Matters

In the outpatient waiting room at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, Spanish and Chinese chatter spills from pharmacy windows as other patients doze on chairs or play on their phones.

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epsos / Flickr

Online Wine Yes, Coffee No: Scrambling To Keep Up With California’s New Prop. 65 Toxic Warnings

Cancer with your caffeine? Judging from the bleary-eyed java addicts queued up every morning at California’s 2,800 Starbucks, it’s a non-issue. Most folks don’t even notice the signs warning that the coffee and pastries contain acrylamide, a carcinogenic chemical produced when the beans are roasted and the croissants are baked. And even those who do read those advisories ignore them, calculating that some things—well, that first morning cup of coffee, anyway—are worth the risks. After all,...

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Promising 1-Shot Cancer Treatment Comes With $373,000 Price Tag

Mar 24, 2019

It may be scary, but the truth is cancers occur in our bodies all the time.

One study — on the tonsils of young people — found two-thirds contained abnormalities that could lead to cancer.

Obviously, two-thirds of kids don’t develop cancer. Instead, their immune systems recognize the disease and kill it.

But trouble can start when it’s the immune system that gets cancer.

Oregon officials announced the completion of a vast database of student information, even as the state acknowledged a security lapse of personal data in another part of state government.

Oregon, Washington Studded Tire Season Ends March 31

Mar 24, 2019

Drivers in Oregon and Washington are required to remove their studded tires by the night of Sunday, March 31. 

Although, if possible, the Oregon Department of Transportation says that earlier is better for taking them off, as they cause extensive damage to roads. 

"We think that there's $8.5 million in damage caused each year to state highways by studded tires," said Peter Murphy with ODOT.

"So, just keep that in mind. Use studded tires if you have to. Take them off when you can."

Bob Moore, the 90-year-old founder of Bob's Red Mill, was just a few years into the business of milling whole grains at a converted animal feed mill in a Portland, Ore., suburb when he got a visit from some gluten-free Seattleites who had come down with a business proposition: Use his business contacts to help them buy bulk xantham gum, an ingredient used in gluten-free baking to help replicate gluten's elasticity.

Gov. Newsom Declares Statewide Emergency, Waives Environmental Reviews On Forest Managment Projects

Mar 22, 2019

California Gov. Gavin Newsom declared a "statewide emergency on wildfires" Friday in a move to speed up prevention projects before the next fire season.


The public lands law recently passed by Congress creates a number of new protected areas, including wilderness. 

But the law also puts new names on existing federal lands.  The Tule Lake Unit of the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument is now simply Tule Lake National Monument. 

The mission will not change; the monument contains sites where Japanese-Americans were imprisoned in camps during the war. 

Susan Haig/U.S. Geological Survey

Long, hot summers are just part of life in the Great Basin.  But they appear to be longer and hotter still over time, to the detriment of waterbirds that fly to and through the basin. 

Small but steady changes in temperature, water quantity, and water quality make life more difficult for birds and their babies. 

Susan Haig at Oregon State University is the principal author of a study on the trend; John Matthews of the Alliance for Global Water Adaptation is a co-author. 

The party under a big white tent at the edge of a reservoir fed by the Deschutes River would have been an unlikely celebration just a few years ago, but this week environmental advocates and farmers came together to celebrate $50 million in federal funding for modernizing irrigation in Central Oregon.

If Glacier Peak were to wake up tomorrow and start rumbling, it would be hard for scientists to tell. The National Volcanic Early Warning and Monitoring Systems Act, passed in February, sets out to change that.

Glacier Peak, a volcano in Washington’s North Cascades, is only monitored by one seismometer, which is a device designed to detect shaking. That makes it difficult to tell if shaking is from something volcanic — like an earthquake or a small explosion — or caused by something more ordinary, like a small rockfall, or a glacial “icequake.”

Bradley W. Parks / OPB

Oregon’s Department of Human Services acknowledged Thursday a phishing incident from early January that may have exposed sensitive client information.

The agency said nine employees clicked on a link in an email that looked like an official government message on Jan. 8, 2019. The breach may have allowed hackers to access about 2 million emails.

DHS determined on January 28 that the breach had occurred, but the agency hasn’t yet determined if the information was actually accessed by the hackers, according to spokesman Robert Oakes.


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