'We Are Not Safe Unless We Are Together' — Interfaith Vigils Follow Mosque Shootings

A video of a stranger with a bouquet of roses walking into a New York mosque was shared thousands of times online. "An expression of sympathy for the loss of life in New Zealand," the man said, as he handed over the bouquet. The message was clear: Muslims, you are not alone. That message echoed in vigils and interfaith gatherings across the country over a weekend marred by a tragedy across the world that felt so close to home — an attack on two mosques in New Zealand where at least 50 people...

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JPR Live Session: The Shook Twins (2019)

Everybody in your life will write his or her own chapter in your story. Take a step back, and you’ll see the influence of your loved ones, mentors, and friends in your decisions. Shook Twins refer to these folks in the title of their fourth album, Some Good Lives . Throughout fourteen tracks, the duo—identical twin sisters Katelyn Shook [vocals, guitar] and Laurie Shook [banjo, vocals]—pay homage to everyone from a late grandpa and godfather to Bernie Sanders.

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Media Frenzy: Signals & Noise For March

The 24-hour news cycle is more intense than ever; sometimes it feels like a 72-hour news cycle crammed into a single day. Numbers aside, there's always plenty of material when we convene our monthly media roundup, Signals & Noise. Andrew Gay and Precious Yamaguchi of the Communication faculty at Southern Oregon University join us for a wide-ranging perusal of items in the media. And when we say media, we mean everything from the latest electronics to books... and beyond.

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Why Are So Many Farmers Markets Failing? Because The Market Is Saturated

When the Nipomo Certified Farmers' Market started in 2005, shoppers were eager to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as pastured meats and eggs, directly from farmers in central California. But the market was small — an average of 16 vendors set up tables every Sunday — making it harder for farmers to sell enough produce to make attending worthwhile. "The market in Santa Maria is 7 miles in one direction [from Nipomo], and the market in Arroyo Grande is 7 miles in the other...

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Penni Gladstone / CALmatters

Unionizing Daycare? California’s Child Care Workers Seek A Seat At The Big Kids’ Table

The assembled 2- to 4-year-olds are halfway through a lesson about walking slowly, not rolling around on the floor when a teacher is talking, and how to identify different parts of the body (the “tummy” is a big hit), when a piercing wail comes from upstairs.

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Andrew Kumler/KLCC

The name might provide an ominous tone, but "Devil's Staircase" makes people in Oregon happy.  The stairstep-like water feature in the Coast Range is now part of a wilderness area, protected by the public lands bill that recently sailed through both houses of Congress. 

Cascadia Wildlands, Trout Unlimited, and Oregon Wild both worked for years to protect Devil's Staircase and other areas under the Oregon Wildlands Act.  The act ended up a portion of a much larger bill. 


Would you like to hear about today's specials?  By the time you get that question, you've got a restaurant menu in your hands.  And a Rogue Valley company makes sure the menus have an impact on a customer. 

Jim Williams is the CEO of Ashland-based Must Have Menus; he is our guest in this month's edition of our entrepreneur segment, The Ground Floor. 

The options to share your fandom or your love of nature through your car license plate keep growing in Oregon and Washington. But not all license plate ideas go down smoothly: A proposed Washington wine country license plate, like Oregon already offers, drew some whining at the state legislature this week.

Not one, but two Oregon hospital systems announced Thursday that they’ll be running heart transplant programs.

Oregon hasn't had any since last September.

Providence Heart Institute said it received a $75 million dollar gift from Nike founder Phil Knight and his wife Penny Knight, to start a new program.

And Oregon and Health and Science University announced it’s going to reactivate its program, which was suspended last year. OHSU's heart program has been in limbo since last September after its last four cardiologists left in quick succession.

Peter Courtney picked up the Senate gavel again Thursday morning, taking an unexpected break from an ongoing medical leave.

The reason for the Senate president’s surprise appearance didn’t thrill everyone present.

Does California Need A ‘Green New Deal’ Of Its Own?

Mar 15, 2019
Billy Wilson / Flickr

The world has just 12 years to limit global warming to moderate levels, according to a recent United Nations report. In response, Democrats  Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ed Markey laid out a grand plan for the nation to address climate change: the Green New Deal.

Updated at 4:51 p.m. ET

Tens of thousands of students around the world skipped school school Friday to protest inaction on climate change. It was one of the largest turnouts so far in a months long movement that included the U.S. for the first time, in an event organizers call the "U.S. Youth Climate Strike."

Nowhere else in the House of Representatives is the tension between legislation and investigation more present than on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, where a bipartisan infrastructure deal could be in the making — even as the Democrats on the committee launch a reinvigorated investigation into the D.C. Trump International Hotel.

On a cold and dark winter night, dozens of volunteers gathered at Portland International Airport to give a warm welcome to a family of 11.

As the crowd waited, Samira Sariolghalam of Catholic Charities taught everyone how to greet the family — who are refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo — in their native language of Swahili.

“OK, one thing I just want everybody to learn: We’re going to say 'welcome' in the family’s language, and it's really easy,” Sariolghalam said. “We just say 'karibu.'”


The people who make acronyms outdid themselves with the naming of the Systematic Underwater Biogeochemical Science and Exploration Analog at NASA.  The letters spell out SUBSEA, which is the kind of exploration in question. 

At NASA?  Yes, because the agency aims to treat the exploration of the deep ocean similar to the approach to exploring deep space. 

Shannon Kobs Nawotniak is one of the staff scientists at SUBSEA, an expert on undersea volcanoes. 


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