Oregon House Approves Bill Establishing Tsunami Zone Building Standards

The Oregon House voted Friday to advance a measure that would establish building standards for critical infrastructure in tsunami zones.

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JPR Live Session: Son Little (2020)

Son Little has always recorded his music with a very hands-on approach. That deft ear and attention to craft garnered the attention of such artists as Mavis Staples, who asked Little to produce her Grammy-winning EP. But on his new album 'aloha,' he handed control to another producer for the first time.

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Cassandra Profita/EarthFix

FEMA Brings Young People Into Disaster Planning

Disasters do not discriminate; fires, floods, and earthquakes can affect all kinds of people. So it takes all kinds of people to recover from disaster. For several years now the Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA, has incorporated young people into its preparedness programs. That includes naming teens to FEMA's Youth Preparedness Council . Applications for the council are open until March 8th of this year.

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'Antarctica Melts,' NASA Says, Showing Effects Of A Record Warm Spell

Where there was a white ice cap, there are now brown blotches of land; melted snow and ice have created ponds of water. Those are the effects of the recent record high temperatures in Antarctica, according to NASA, which on Friday released stunning before-and-after satellite images of the northern Antarctic Peninsula. The photos center on Eagle Island, part of the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula that stretches toward South America. Satellites took the images just nine days apart, on...

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Supreme Court Pipeline Fight Could Disrupt How The Appalachian Trail Is Run

The Appalachian Trail – the 2,200-mile hiking stretch that goes from Georgia to Maine — is at the center of a legal battle that has risen to the Supreme Court. The case involves a proposed pipeline that would connect natural gas fracked in West Virginia to population centers in Virginia and North Carolina. The Atlantic Coast Pipeline would cross the Appalachian Trail within the George Washington National Forest in Virginia, and some environmental groups are challenging the legality of the...

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JPR Live Session: Béla Fleck & Abigail Washburn

Both Béla Fleck and Abigail Washburn have taken the banjo to new heights; Washburn through her innovative collaborations with Chinese musicians, and Fleck through a multitude of projects ranging from classical concerti to his exploration of the African roots of the instrument. As a duo, they've worked to merge their different styles of playing into a unique sound heard on their latest album Echo In The Valley .

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says that the barricades that have blocked railways in the country for two weeks must come down, calling the situation "unacceptable and untenable."

Gov. Gavin Newsom dedicated his second State of the State address almost entirely to California’s deepening homelessness crisis. He said the problem today requires “a coordinated crisis-level response,” one that gets “the mentally ill out of tents and into treatment” and produces affordable housing to ensure no Californian is homeless. 

But Newsom also said the crisis “has persisted for decades” and made a claim that suggests it was worse 15 years ago.

A Eugene couple recently unearthed a treasure deep in their crawl space. It wasn’t jewels or gold bars—but a trove of iconic magazines they’d nearly forgotten they saved. 

The Democratic presidential primary is heading west for the third contest in the 2020 race. Nevada Democrats are hoping their caucuses avoid similar problems that plagued Iowa earlier this month.

Follow NPR's coverage for the latest updates, analysis and results as the caucuses get underway.

Tiny Cabins Could Help Homeless Young People In Sacramento

Feb 20, 2020
Courtesy of the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency

Hal Clay likes to paint, play keyboard and riff on the guitar, for which he is entirely self-taught. But just two years ago, he was homeless.

William Smith

Spring is a month away still, so nothing's growing out there.  Whoops, we take that back. 

Plenty is growing right now... just look at the green grass on the hillsides.  And some edibles are growing, too, including celeriac.  You read that right, celeriac; it's like celery, but it's not exactly celery. 

What do you do with it?  That's the central question of this month's food segment, Savor, with our partner Will Smith.  He brings in some food experts from Ashland's Amuse restaurant. 


The film and TV actor Bruce Campbell is too young to have lived in the Old West.  But he did play a character or two from those horsey, halcyon days. 

So we invited Campbell, who lives in the Applegate Valley, to join us for one of our field interviews in Underground History Live.  As an actor and producer with a long resume, Campbell's got some stories and views about how Hollywood handles the task of telling stories from history. 

Hint: don't take what you see on the screen as the gospel truth. 

Updated at 3:23 p.m. ET

A federal judge sentenced Roger Stone, a political adviser to President Trump, to more than three years in prison on Thursday amid an uproar about what critics call Trump's interference in the workings of justice.

Judge Amy Berman Jackson found herself in the middle of a political sandstorm as she and the parties closed in on sentencing for Stone following his conviction last year.

Stone also was ordered to pay a $20,000 fine and to serve two years of supervised release.

A federal grant of over $16 million has been awarded to 9 Oregon tribes to provide affordable housing for tribal communities. 

Gavin Newsom Zeroes In On Homelessness In His 2020 State Of The State Address

Feb 20, 2020
Andrew Nixon/CapRadio

Gov. Gavin Newsom made the unusual decision Wednesday to devote his entire annual State of the State address to California’s homelessness crisis, which has been an issue for decades.

Newsom said that those experiencing homelessness in California represent “a casualty of institutional failures” and have fallen through holes in the state’s safety net.


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