Congress To Make Members Pay Out Of Pocket For Sexual Harassment Settlements

Updated at 7:20 p.m. ET Congressional negotiators have reached an agreement to overhaul the system for handling accusations of sexual misconduct against members, including a requirement that members pay out of pocket for some settlements and court judgments. "For too long, victims of sexual harassment in Congress have been forced into a process that lacks transparency and accountability, and fails them at a time when they need the most support," said Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., a lead...

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JPR Live Session: The Milk Carton Kids

All the Things That I Did and All the Things That I Didn't Do marks the first time that The Milk Carton Kids (acoustic duo Joey Ryan and Kenneth Pattengale) have brought a band into the studio with them. " We wanted to do something new, " Pattengale says. " We had been going around the country yet another time to do the duo show, going to the places we'd been before. There arose some sort of need for change. " " Musically we knew we were going to make the record with a bigger sonic palette, " says Ryan. " It was liberating to know we wouldn’t have to be able to carry every song with just our two guitars. "

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Fires And The Ripple Effect On Housing

Housing is already tight in both Oregon and California, and the Camp Fire wiped out nearly 14,000 homes in a single day. Many decisions remain to be made about the future of Paradise, where most of the homes were lost. But there's a ripple effect elsewhere, as people driven out by the fire seek new places to live, either for now or for good. We talk about the impacts with Steve Bade, who runs the Community Development office in Redding, Ryan Buras, a housing specialist at FEMA , Christina Curry at Cal OES, and Ashland realtor Colin Mullane, who is a past president of the Oregon Association of Realtors .

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'Rethinking The Past' In The Aftermath Of California's Deadly Wildfires

From the air, the scale of the devastation in and around Paradise, Calif., is, simply put, alarming. Whole neighborhoods and commercial districts are completely decimated, turned to rubble amidst the tall, orange-singed pine trees with blackened trunks. Deeper into the mountains, illegal pot plantations were suddenly exposed — and charred. Then there's the odd home on a ridge top or Rite Aid store that's been randomly spared. "See how hot that burned, there's nothing left down there," says...

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A Song Of Tribute To The Lost Town Of Paradise

In the aftermath of the Camp Fire, two musicians from Paradise, Calif., wrote a tribute to their hometown which was destroyed by the fire. The song, called "One of These Days," quickly went viral online. I can still remember the first time that I fell in love with this town. The tall green trees, the mountain breeze, the girl that made me shake in my knees. I'm going to miss it. I already miss it. One of these days we're going to see the sunset rise in Paradise, one of these days we're gonna...

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Several JPR stations in the Rogue Valley will be off the air on Thursday, December 13th. Services will go off the air starting mid-to-late morning and the outage will continue for several hours. Our engineer will be installing a backup power generator on Mt. Baldy which will keep us humming along during future power outages and public emergencies. The services affected are:

The News & Information service 930 AM in Grants Pass is currently off the air.

Our engineer is working to diagnose the issue and restore service as soon as possible.

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Three men from Oregon with ties to white supremacist gangs have been arrested for their role in allegedly beating a black DJ in Lynnwood, Washington, north of Seattle on Saturday. The incident is now being investigated as a hate crime.

Those accused include 23-year-old Daniel Dorson of Corvallis, and 38-year-old Randy A. Smith and 34-year-old Cory Colwell of Eugene. They were arrested for allegedly beating the DJ and another man who tried to stop them. The other injured man was identified as Asian.

In the first meeting between Oregon and Washington lawmakers to discuss a revived replacement plan for the Interstate 5 bridge on Tuesday, Oregon legislators made it clear they aren’t over Washington’s 2013 move to blow up the approximate $3 billion Columbia River Crossing project.

Oregon Sen. Cliff Bentz, R-Ontario, reminded his Washington counterparts on the panel that he put a lot of political capital in shepherding the first project through the Oregon Legislature.

All three JPR services are being affected by weather conditions and an issue with the microwave transmitter at the tower site at Soda Mountain. The issue is causing intermittence and some silence.

Our engineer plans to visit the site this week to diagnose the issue and work on repairs.

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If you were hoping to serve Oregon Dungeness Crab at your New Year’s celebration, you’ll want to change the menu. State officials have announced a nearly one-month delay in the commercial crabbing season. KLCC’s Brian Bull reports.

If all the world goes to hell, don't say Jerry Brown didn't try to warn you.

"The climate [change] threat is real. It's a clear and present danger," the unconventional and legendary Democrat who will soon term out as California governor told NPR's Ari Shapiro Tuesday in an interview airing on All Things Considered. "And it's going to get here much sooner" than many people realize.

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Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio / File

Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio / File

Claims on highly-charged topics from immigration to mass shootings to California’s stark divide between the rich and the poor all made PolitiFact California’s Top 10 most popular fact checks of 2018.

Four of our most read pieces focused on immigration, including the Pants on Fire attack by the White House on Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris that she "supported" the criminal gang MS-13.

Casey Minter/Oregon Public Broadcasting

Southern Oregon stood to lose some clout in the state legislature when Mike McLane opted not to run again for his position as House Republican leader. 

But the loss of regional clout didn't happen because another southern Oregonian stepped up.  Rep. Carl Wilson of Grants Pass is another legislative veteran, and he will lead his party in the House in the next session. 

US Bureau of Reclamation

Plans to raise Shasta Dam by 18 feet are still on the books.  But there's a long process to go through before any construction might start, including a lawsuit filed over a creature that could be affected by an expanded Shasta Lake. 

The Center for Biological Diversity filed suit against the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for not acting on a 2012 petition to protect the rare Shasta salamander. 


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