Oregon Agency Denies Jordan Cove Permit Extension

The Oregon Department of State Lands has denied a request by the Jordan Cove Energy Project to extend the deadline for a key state permit.

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JPR Live Session: Rodney Crowell

A member of the Songwriters Hall of Fame and multiple-Grammy winner, Rodney Crowell has been making music for over forty years. In that time, he's released over twenty albums, written and recorded five consecutive number-one hits, and produced scores of albums for other stars. He's been honored with an ASCAP lifetime achievement award for his work.

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Looking For Firm Ground In A World Of Misinformation

Who do you believe if you don't believe scientists? It's a hot topic in today's world, where your political party preference--at least in the United States--can often be divined from your position on climate change. This is the zone in which Cailin O'Connor focuses her research.

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Image of man looking up into trees with binoculars.
Erik Neumann/JPR

Christmas Bird Counts Survey Local Populations Amidst North American Declines

At dawn on the edge of Big Lagoon County Park, north of Arcata, California, Ken Burton is walking through the woods trying to rile up the nearby birds. As he scans the windswept cypress trees and leggy underbrush, he purses his lips and makes a plosive screech. It’s called “pishing.”

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April Ehrlich | JPR News

Some Rural Areas Take Law and Order Approach To Homelessness

Chilly winds and hail don’t bother Buckshot Cunningham, who lived outside without a shelter for years until he came across this tiny house village in southern Oregon.

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Updated at 1:57 a.m. ET on Wednesday

After more than 12 hours of action Tuesday, the Senate adopted the ground rules for the coming weeks in President Trump's impeachment trial. It brought a reminder that even this highly scripted ordeal may include a few surprises after all.

United States Department of Health and Human Services

Oregon's legislature spent part of last year working on a bill that would end non-medical exemptions from vaccines for children.  In the end, the House passed the bill, but it was withdrawn in the Senate, part of the deal to bring the Republicans back from a walkout. 

The story across the state line is a bit different: California passed a bill ending non-medical exemptions in 2016.  And research after the fact shows the law had the desired effect, boosting vaccination rates up to "herd immunity" levels. 

Wolverines are the largest members of the weasel family, but they look more like small bears with bushy tails.

Conservation groups say the animals need to be listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act. Ten groups want to force the federal government to protect the elusive wolverines. 

The groups estimate there are around 300 wolverines left, sparsely scattered across the Mountain West, including Idaho, Washington and Oregon. Their young depend on snowy, high altitude habitat that could disappear as the climate warms.

With the Senate impeachment trial set to start Tuesday morning, the push by Democrats — including Oregon’s two Senators — for additional witnesses to testify is intensifying. 

Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley said the ability to call more witnesses and review more documents goes “right to the heart of whether the Senate is going to conduct a full and fair trial.” 

Merkley told OPB it wasn't the House's job or their goal to try to conduct the equivalent of a trial.

Updated Jan. 21 at 2:26 p.m. ET

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made last-minute, handwritten changes Tuesday to the parameters for how President Trump's impeachment trial process will play out. Departing from a draft resolution he released Monday night, the resolution now allows impeachment managers and the president's defense to have 24 hours to make arguments over three session days. The draft had stipulated 24 hours over two days. McConnell also altered the rules for admitting the House evidence into the record.


There is a huge difference between knowing the fact that everyone dies, and having to deal with an actual death.  Grief can flatten a human being, sometimes for years. 

The Medford-based nonprofit Winterspring has years of experience helping people cope with their grief, individually and in groups.  And the organization is taking on some new approaches to its work. 


We can't prevent earthquakes from happening, at least at this point in our scientific development. 

What we can do is provide some warning before the full force of an earthquake hits.  Notice the vagueness of the term "some". 

Several earthquake early warning systems are in development and early use on the West Coast, but their approaches and results differ.  How much of a warning is possible?  We put that question to Sarah Minson, a research geophysicist for the U.S. Geological Survey at its Earthquake Science Center in the Bay Area. 

Anne Wernikoff/CALmatters

Gov. Gavin Newsom kicked off 2020 by pledging to plow an extra $1.4 billion into homeless services, proposing a state constitutional amendment to make it easier to sue cities who fail to provide shelter for their unhoused populations, and embarking on a statewide “homelessness tour” to visit shelters and other providers.

Democratic lawmakers are bringing a hefty policy agenda into the legislative short session that starts in February, including an ambitious climate change policy, stricter gun laws, preparing the state for an earthquake, changing the way wildfires are fought and funneling millions toward the state’s housing crisis.

But first, they must convince Republicans to stay in the building.

Updated Sunday at 11:34 a.m. ET

The White House's legal team has called the House impeachment process "highly partisan and reckless" in a forceful response to the summons issued last week by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell ahead of President Trump's Senate impeachment trial, which begins Tuesday.


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