Photo of students with banner on sidewalk.
Erik Neumann / JPR

International Day Of Climate Rallies Draws Hundreds From Rogue Valley High Schools

Hundreds of high schoolers from throughout the Rogue Valley left school on Friday to demand political action to address climate change. Marches took place in Ashland, Medford, Grants Pass and half a dozen other small towns south to Redding.

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JPR Live Sessions: Blitzen Trapper

Portland's indie folk-rockers Blitzen Trapper are nine albums into a career filled with accolades. Ahead of their first headline show in Southern Oregon, Eric Earley, Marty Marquis, and Brian Koch dropped by the JPR studios to talk about their early days, the seminal Sub Pop album called Furr, and how their newest album was transformed into a full blown rock opera.

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William Smith

Savor: Attack Of The Yummy Tomatoes

How can something so simple (and delicious) be so confusing? We get into disagreements over whether the tomato is a fruit or a vegetable (surprise! It's a berry), we get into disagreements over how to pronounce the word... at least we agree on its versatility. From pasta sauce to jam, tomatoes have many uses. We explore those in this month's edition of Savor, our food segment. Food stylist Will Smith returns to share the hosting chores, offering up his recipe for gazpacho (cold tomato soup, yum!). And Promiseland Farm in Sunny Valley offers up some tomato expertise.

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April Ehrlich | JPR News

Oppressed By Wildfire: Weaving Culture Into Fire Management Helps Tribes Reclaim Suppressed Heritage

Wildfire isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, fire has been an integral part of Native American culture for centuries as a tool to keep forests healthy.

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The Battle Over Fish Farming In The Open Ocean Heats Up, As EPA Permit Looms

Americans eat an average of 16 pounds of fish each year, and that number is growing. But how to meet our demand for fish is a controversial question, one that is entering a new chapter as the Environmental Protection Agency seeks to approve the nation's only aquaculture pen in federal waters. Fish farming has been positioned by its boosters as a sustainable alternative to wild-caught seafood and an economic driver that would put our oceans to work. So far, restrictions on where aquaculture...

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Judge Puts a Halt To Logging Project Near Springfield

Sep 20, 2019

A federal judge has ruled against the Bureau of Land Management’s plans to log on a tract adjacent to the Thurston Hills Natural Area in Springfield. 

Spurred by what they see as a sluggish, ineffectual response to the existential threat of global warming, student activists from around the world are skipping school Friday, for what organizers call a Global Climate Strike.

The young activists are protesting as the U.N. prepares to hold its Climate Action Summit on Monday in New York City.

Cal Fire SHU / Twitter

As fall approaches, bringing strong winds to California’s dry landscape, a coalition of universities, public safety agencies and utility companies is building a network of cameras in high fire risk areas like the foothills, coastal mountains and the rangelands of Nevada.

ALERTWildfire began in 2013 when the University of Nevada, Reno installed several cameras around Lake Tahoe with the support of the Tahoe Prosperity Center and federal lands management officials. 

Assessment results for Oregon schools are out, and the percentage of students proficient in math and English language arts is down from last year.

The 2018-2019 scores show 53.4% of Oregon students were proficient in English language arts this year, a 1.5% drop from a year ago.

Nationwide, people who vape continue to sicken with severe and unexplained lung illness, leaving doctors and patients concerned about both the acute and long-term effects of the injuries.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Thursday that there are now 530 confirmed or probable cases of lung injury associated with vaping, a jump from 380 cases reported last week. Seven people have died.

Updated at 6:25 p.m. ET

House intelligence committee Chairman Adam Schiff vowed Thursday he is willing to sue the Trump administration over a dispute about the content of an as-yet-unknown complaint to the intelligence community's official watchdog.

Schiff told reporters after a closed-door meeting with the inspector general, Michael Atkinson, that the Justice Department has opined that the material is shielded by privilege and can be withheld from lawmakers.

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Image of woman in hospital bed.
Parentingupstream via Pixabay

A bipartisan group of Representatives is calling on Congress this week to extend funding for a program that brings medical residents to rural health centers, including Shasta Community Health Center in Redding.

One of America's most recent espionage cases started with a friendly hello over the Internet.

It ended with a jury in Virginia finding former CIA officer Kevin Mallory guilty of spying for China. The Mallory case — a rare counterintelligence investigation to go to trial — provides a lesson in how Chinese spies use social media to try to recruit or co-opt Americans.

For the head of the Justice Department's National Security Division, John Demers, it also highlights a broader point.


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