Democrats' Impeachment Divide Tests Pelosi

Updated at 4:19 p.m. ET House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will convene a meeting Wednesday morning to hear from Democrats on whether to move forward with impeachment proceedings against President Trump. Pelosi, a public skeptic of impeachment, is confronting a rising tide of support for it among rank-and-file House Democrats and members of her own leadership team. Democrats are outraged by the Trump administration's ongoing effort to stymie congressional oversight into the president, his...

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JPR Live Sessions Presented By Sierra Nevada Brewing Company: Frances Cone

Timing matters. With or without you the train is departing; the second hand doesn’t really stop when you won’t wind your watch; inspiration strikes in an instant but its reckoning can take an eternity. In the world of music, the concept of time doesn’t just pertain to cues to come in or a 4/4 beat - it is also equally about patience and the space an artist must allow themselves to create.

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What Broke PERS, And What Might Fix It

The name is only four letters long, but the issues with it can take volumes to explain. PERS, Oregon's Public Employee Retirement System , has billions of dollars on hand to pay to retired public workers. The trouble is that there's a gap between what it will need to pay workers in the future, and the projections for its income. The gap is more than $26 Billion, and closing the gap requires ever-larger payments into the system by state and local governments. Former Oregon AFL-CIO president Tim Nesbitt and his former boss, Governor Ted Kulongoski, have proposed a pair of ballot measures to bring PERS into line. Their organization is PERS Solutions for Public Services .

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Oregon Considers Changing The Way Mentally Ill People Are Committed

Last year, Don Bagliens 19-year-old son experienced a psychotic break. It was a Sunday afternoon. He picked up the family picnic and threw it over the fence. Then he started turning on every faucet in the house, dragging furniture outside and howling. By the time the evening rolled around, he was convinced that his air conditioner unit had some kind of poison in it and was releasing some kind of toxic chemical that was going to kill him. So he unplugged it and he was going to roll it down the...

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California Teachers Pay For Their Own Substitutes During Extended Sick Leave

A 40-year-old California law requiring public school teachers on extended sick leave to pay for their own substitute teachers is under scrutiny by some state lawmakers after NPR member station KQED reported on the practice. KQED found that a San Francisco Unified elementary school teacher had to pay the cost of her own substitute — amounting to nearly half of her paycheck — while she underwent extended cancer treatment. Since the story published, more public school teachers have reached out...

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Bobjgalindo via Wikimedia Commons

The Trump Administration has withdrawn the previous administration’s support for the removal of four dams on the Klamath River in Southern Oregon and Northern California. 

Portland Drafts Ordinance To Crackdown On Airbnb

May 20, 2019

Portland’s mayor is planning to introduce an ordinance that would force online short-term rental companies like Airbnb to take down unpermitted rentals.

As a contentious proposal to enact a cap-and-trade program in Oregon moves forward, one criticism of the policy has grown louder: Most of the money generated couldn’t be used to encourage zero-emissions vehicles.

Updated at 7:09 p.m. ET

A federal judge ruled against President Trump on Monday in a subpoena dispute not long after the White House said it is seeking to block its former top lawyer from talking to Congress.

The events amounted to a win — and a loss — apiece for Republicans and Democrats in their ongoing high-stakes legal and political war over separation of powers and oversight in the aftermath of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.

The McGahn matter

Christian Mehlführer via Wikimedia Commons

The largest bird in the United States may soon take flight in Oregon again. A partnership between federal agencies and the Yurok tribe plans to reintroduce California condors as early as the fall of 2020.

People have lived in what is now California for something like 19,000 years.  But read a history textbook from a California school, and you're likely to find most histories begin with the arrival of Europeans a few hundred years ago. 

The California Indian History Curriculum Coalition aims to backfill the story of the first people on the land.  They went by many names and spoke many languages before enforced assimilation. 

Dr. Khal Schneider of the Graton Rancheria and Gregg Castro of the Ohlone are two of the people working to bring more indigenous educators into classrooms. 

Oregon State University

The Humboldt marten is a species in decline.  It's a subspecies of the Pacific marten, similar to cats and foxes and yet not. 

While most martens live in forests, there is an isolated population of Humboldt martens living in the Oregon dunes, and scientists are not sure why. 

Since the animals can be notoriously hard to locate, Oregon State University scientists have been studying their scat.  That's right, poop can provide some answers. 

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In the rugged hills to the east of the Napa Valley, chainsaws and bulldozers converted a steep hillside of scrubby oak woodland and rockpiles into another vineyard.

“That was an incredible rock-hopping wonderland, with frothing, amazing, waterfalling cascades every time it rained—I mean, it should have been a park,” said nearby resident Kellie Anderson of what is now a plot of grapevines at Bremer Family Winery, in the small community of Deer Park.


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