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Streaming & Mobile Listening Guide

The easiest way to listen to JPR online is to press the orange play button. Simply select the JPR service you'd like to hear from the menu titled "All Streams" and you should connect to one of our live streams right away.

Mobile Listening & Apps

If you use a mobile device to access our website you'll get a mobile version of the site that makes listening easy.  Simply select the orange play button. To change services on your mobile device, select "All Streams" or, if that option does not appear, select the small radio wave icon at the bottom right. Formatting on devices may vary, so feel free to reach out if you run into any issues.

JPR has free mobile apps for both the iPhone and Android platforms.  All you need to do is download and install the appropriate app for your mobile device at one of the links below.

"Smart Speaker" Instructions

The world of "smart speakers" is VERY fluid and confusing right now, with updates and new development happening rapidly. NPR recently released a new set of "skills" that will stream JPR with a simple spoken command, but it can be a little tricky to find the exact service you want to hear unless you know exactly how's it's named.

For Amazon's Echo devices, a simple command of:
"Alexa, play JPR" will cause your device to begin streaming JPR's Rhythm & News Service by default from the Tune-in app.
"Alexa, tell NPR to play Jefferson Public Radio" will cause your device to begin streaming JPR's Rhythm & News Service by default from the NPR app.

For JPR's other program services, you'll need to use the following commands:

Classics & News: "Alexa, play KSOR"
News & Information Service: "Alexa, play KSJK"
This could change at any time, so if you're struggling to get it working, check back for updated instructions.

You can also now play JPR Live Sessions and The Jefferson Exchange on Apple Podcasts:

"Alexa, play [podcast title] on Apple Podcasts" "Alexa, skip ahead 30 seconds" "Alexa, play the previous episode" "Alexa, play the next episode"

If you'd like to use a separate media player on your computer to stream JPR, you can cut and paste one of our direct URLs.  The instructions vary across media players (iTunes, Windows Media, Real Player) - but are largely the same.  The direct URLs follow, along with some basic instructions.

Direct URLs for JPR's Webstreams:

  • Classics & News - MP3 •  https://jpr-ice.streamguys1.com/jpr-classics
  • Classics & News - Windows •  https://jpr-ice.streamguys1.com/jpr-classics.xspf
  • Rhythm & News - MP3 •  https://jpr-ice.streamguys1.com/jpr-rhythm
  • Rhythm & News - Windows •  https://jpr-ice.streamguys1.com/jpr-rhythm.xspf
  • News & Information - MP3 •  https://jpr-ice.streamguys1.com/jpr-news
  • News & Information - Windows •  https://jpr-ice.streamguys1.com/jpr-news.xspf

Instructions for Manually Connecting:

  1. Choose your preferred stream URL.
  2. Highlight and copy the URL. For example, the stream URL for JPR's Rhythm & News Service MP3 stream is: https://jpr-ice.streamguys1.com/jpr-classics
  3. Open your preferred media player, such as iTunes or Real Player.
  4. This is where it varies by player. On Real Player choose File > Open. For iTunes go to Advanced > Open Audio Stream. For Windows Media Player it's File > Open URL.
  5. Paste in the Stream URL. Click OK. The stream should open and begin to play. The Player should also automatically add this to your playlists.