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Erik Neumann is an experienced radio producer and reporter who grew up alongside the Puget Sound. He's passionate about telling the human stories behind America's health care system, public lands and the environment, and the arts. He got his Masters degree at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. Erik joined JPR after several years as a staff reporter at KUER, the NPR station in Salt Lake City, where he focused on health care coverage. He was a 2019 Mountain West fellow with the Association of Health Care Journalists and is a contributor at Kaiser Health News, a non-profit news service committed to in-depth coverage of health care policy and politics. 

Portrait of SOU President

Southern Oregon University is facing a difficult budget forecast. During a campus community meeting on Thursday, SOU President Linda Schott delivered what was part pep talk and part warning about the future of higher education in Southern Oregon.

Bradley W. Parks

Around 10,000 people in Jackson County with low-income Medicaid health insurance will be switched to a different health plan in the new year so that they can continue seeing their doctors.

Image of a Pacific fisher in the woods
Courtesy of Pacific Southwest Region USFWS

The Pacific fisher, an animal in the weasel family that's native to Southern Oregon and Northern California, could get increased protections under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). 

Map of properties acquired by Save the Redwoods League
Courtesy of Save the Redwoods League

The San Francisco-based conservation group Save the Redwoods League announced on Tuesday that they acquired two pieces of property between Redwood National Park and Humboldt Lagoon State Park. Their plan to donate the 90 acres from these and two other former private landholdings would create a contiguous protected area.

Image of woman sitting at table smiling.
Erik Neumann/JPR

When Lynda Hurst found herself at Jackson County Mental Health in the summer of 2014, she was hoping to find a therapist. Hurst has struggled with homelessness and suicide. She has PTSD and depression. She’d recently had a severe anxiety attack, but was now enrolled in Medicare, the federal health insurance program for people over 65, and was optimistic about her prospects for getting treatment.

Josh Edelson/Getty Images via NPR

UPDATE: THURSDAY, NOV.7 10:00 a.m. Titan Cheatham, the firefighter injured in the Kincade Fire, is still recovering at the burn center at UC Davis Medical Center, according to his employer Steve Dodds, co-owner of Ashland-based wildland firefighting contractor Pacific Oasis.

Image of weekly medicine organizer.
Laurynas Mereckas via Unsplash images

The Oregon Health Authority has approved new guidelines for lowering opioid use for people with long-term health conditions which could include chronic back pain or arthritis. The guidelines, which received unanimous approval from OHA task force members, have drawn concern from patients in the state who use opioids to treat chronic pain conditions.

Photo of person's hands holding prescription medications.

Left over prescription drugs in people’s homes that are abused are just one factor behind the toll of America’s opioid epidemic.

Image of man drinking a beer.
Robert Mathews via Unsplash

Northern California’s Yurok Tribe announced a deal last week to purchase the Mad River Brewing company in Humboldt County.

Image of two women helping another put on a tribal regalia outfit.
Erik Neumann / JPR

On the native land of the Shasta and Takelma people, a group of teenagers wearing bright dance regalia and fur headdresses swirled around the Southern Oregon University student union building on Monday.

Photo of a cat-sized member of the weasel family.
Courtesy of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

A cat-size animal in the weasel family native to Southern Oregon will receive greater habitat protection thanks to a new agreement announced this week between the Oregon Department of Forestry and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Image of a line of high school boys standing outside, preparing to race.
Erik Neumann / JPR

At the State of Jefferson cross-country meet in Ashland’s Lithia Park, the tangy smell of trampled grass hangs in the air. Lanky teenagers sprint the last few hundred yards to the race finish line while parents and classmates cheer from the edge of the course.

Image of voting sticker laying in fall leaves.
Josh Carter via Unsplash

The 2020 presidential campaign season is just beginning but next month on November 5, counties will hold a number of local elections across California and Oregon. The deadline for new voters to register is coming up fast.

Image of emergency entrance outside hospital.
Erik Neumann / JPR

Annual data released this week ranks Asante Ashland Community Hospital with some of the largest penalties in Oregon for low hospital quality measures.

Image of sheriff standing in a classroom.
Erik Neumann / JPR

The sheriff of Jackson County is continuing to campaign for a new jail to address what he says is serious overcrowding at the facility in Medford.

Image of three people sitting at table.
Erik Neumann / JPR

The first public meeting in the Rogue Valley to discuss Oregon’s new Corporate Activity Tax was held Tuesday night in Medford.

Image of tax forms and computer.
stevepb via pixabay

The Oregon Department of Revenue is hosting two town hall meetings in the Rogue Valley this week to discuss a new corporate business tax.

Photo of students with banner on sidewalk.
Erik Neumann / JPR

Hundreds of high schoolers from throughout the Rogue Valley left school on Friday to demand political action to address climate change. Marches took place in Ashland, Medford, Grants Pass and half a dozen other small towns south to Redding.  

Image of wine grapes on the vine.

Two crops common to Southern Oregon, wine grapes and hemp, were the focus of a conference call with Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR) and reporters on Thursday.  

Image of woman in hospital bed.
Parentingupstream via Pixabay

A bipartisan group of Representatives is calling on Congress this week to extend funding for a program that brings medical residents to rural health centers, including Shasta Community Health Center in Redding.