Roman Battaglia

News Intern

Roman earned a degree in Digital Communications from Oregon State University in 2019. He now works as a radio journalism intern at Jefferson Public Radio through the Charles Snowden Program for Excellence in Journalism at the University of Oregon.

Roman previously worked as the station manager for KBVR FM, the college radio station at Oregon State as well as writing for a lifestyle magazine and the student newspaper. He has a passion for journalism and covering topics important to local listeners. He hopes to one day work in public radio.

When he’s not out reporting the news, Roman enjoys finding new music, reading new books, and trying new recipes.

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Oregon cannabis regulators are touring the state to hear from people in the marijuana industry. Among the biggest concerns? What happens when cannabis is legalized nationwide.

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A new study says a warming climate is increasingly driving many of California’s wildfires.

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Some residents of Humboldt County were enjoying a beautiful day earlier this week, when they were interrupted by an unwelcome surprise. A National Guard helicopter buzzed the skies right over their homes. 

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A local health plan provider in Josephine County was denied a contract with the Oregon Health Authority because of concerns it doesn’t have enough funding.

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The Siskiyou Mountains Salamander lives in the moist, cool areas of Southern Oregon and Northern California. Now environmental groups are suing federal wildlife managers for not protecting this rare species.

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On Tuesday, the Bureau of Land Management was ordered to halt an old-growth timber sale near Grants Pass. The federal agency was planning to sell old growth timber in the Lower Graves area, but environmental groups filed a lawsuit in 2017 challenging the sale. They claim the BLM didn’t consider other options.

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The walk-outs staged by outnumbered Senate Republicans to stop legislation they opposed during the just-concluded session of the Oregon Legislature left a particularly bad taste in the mouths of many Democrats. Freshman senator Jeff Golden held a press conference in Medford Tuesday afternoon to discuss the session.