The U.S. House passed HR 2936 in early November, the Resilient Federal Forests Act. 

It is designed to get more people working in the woods and more trees out, all in the name of healthier forests and communities. 

Environmental groups are not buying.  The Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center calls it "The Clearcut Logging Bill." 

The Senate has yet to take up the measure, co-sponsored by Oregon 2nd District Representative Greg Walden. 

George Sexton, Conservation Director at KS Wild, is our guest. 

BLM/Public Domain

The weeks of smoke and fire over the summer did more than torch some trees.  They also touched off a renewed debate about the best way to manage forests so that fires are less of an issue and less destructive. 

Rep. Greg Walden of Oregon's 2nd Congressional District helped pass the "Resilient Federal Forests Act" in the House (Senate action is pending). 

One of its features: a mechanism to pre-empt appeals and get salvage logging done faster. 

Active management has the support of Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities, an advocacy group.

Visitor7, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=25660874

It's not quite a trade war; not yet, anyway.  But there are bad feelings between the United States and Canada over softwood lumber. 

The stuff used to build our houses comes across the border with Canadian subsidies, says the U.S. Lumber Coalition.

And the United States is ready to slap tariffs up to 27% on the Canadian lumber as a result.  Oregon mill towns might see some relief, welcome news to Swanson Lumber in Glendale. 

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden supports action on the Canadian lumber. 

Siskiyou Film Fest Returns To Grants Pass

Feb 7, 2017

Pick a forest, and there's usually a story about people fighting over a timber sale or two. 

So it is in Oregon's Little Applegate Valley, where people enjoying a rustic way of life are concerned about plans to harvest timber on federal land. 

The issue is the subject of the short film "Speak for the Trees," one of the entries in this year's Siskiyou Film Fest, Sunday (February 12) in Grants Pass. 

Nedsbar Timber Sale From The Industry Side

Jul 22, 2016
Siskiyou Crest Blog

There's just a bit more than a week (August 1) to comment on the Environmental Assessment for the Nedsbar Forest Management Project on BLM land in the Applegate Valley. 

The alternatives for the project include one provided by the community. 

We heard from BLM and the community alternative assemblers in a previous edition.  Here we get the timber industry perspective from the American Forest Resource Council


Trees grow slowly, and it sometimes appears as if forest management plans take a similar amount of time to take shape. 

So it is with the Nedsbar Forest Management Project in the Applegate Valley, a responsibility of the Medford office of the Bureau of Land Management

BLM says the tree stands are overstocked and in need of thinning.  Environmental groups say the plans would remove healthy, fire-resistant trees. 

We hear two sides of the project, beginning with BLM rep Kristi Mastrofini talking about the attributes of the sale. 

Then Luke Ruediger checks in with the alternative proposed by the Applegate Neighborhood Network and the Klamath Forest Alliance. 

Amy Quinton/CPB

California’s drought is having a devastating effect on its forests. Aerial surveys around the state show more than 20 million dead trees so far. And the drought has a partner in crime – the pine beetle. If this deadly combination continues, it could drastically change California’s forested landscape. 

Rob Manning/OPB

Northwest  forest policy is once again heating up.  Last week, federal officials presented their latest assessment of the Northwest Forest Plan, which covers more than 2 million acres of federal land in Washington, Oregon and California.  Jes Burns from our EarthFix team gets together with JPR’s Liam Moriarty to break it all down.


JeffX, WEDNESDAY 6/3 @ 8: A place surrounded by fuel, where people struggle to keep their homes warm in the winter. 

That was the basic assessment that led to the formation of the Jackson County Fuel Committee nearly 40 years ago. 

JCFC has a variety of interests ranging from home heating to forest management. 

BLM Timber Sale Pulled Back For Review

Mar 27, 2015
BLM/Public Domain

The controversial "Second Show" timber sale will now get a second look from the federal Bureau of Land Management. 

BLM proposed the sale for an area northeast of Springfield, but environmental groups, including Cascadia Wildlands, objected.  Strenuously, and in court. 

So BLM just put the sale on hold pending further environmental analysis. 

Tweaking The BLM Version Of A Timber Sale

Mar 10, 2015
Luke Ruediger

"If you want something done right, do it yourself," goes the old saying. 

Some Applegate Valley residents took that advice to heart when they had issues with a timber sale planned by the BLM. 

They found the Nedsbar sale timber-heavy and rough on habitat. 

So, with guidance from the Klamath Forest Alliance and other groups, they proposed their own version of the sale, a "Community Alternative."   

Sylph Maid Books

A lot has changed in Oregon's timber country in the last 20 years.  So it seems only fitting that a collection of stories and essays about timber country should be brought up to date. 

Robert Leo Heilman of Myrtle Creek first published Overstory: Zero in 1995. 

And as he puts it, there's been a lot of water down Myrtle Creek since then. 

So he revised and polished and cut and added to the collection for a 20th anniversary edition. 

Ending Old-Growth Logging

Jul 7, 2014

The most contentious portion of the debate over forest management concerns old-growth timber. 

Can the timber industry be healthy without cutting down ancient trees? 

Scientists, including Dominick DellaSala at Ashland's Geos Institute, say yes. 

Geos and other organizations just teamed up on a study showing that old-growth logging could be phased out in Alaska's Tongass National Forest in just six years. 

Agreement Leads To New Timber Mill Activity

Jun 10, 2014
Public Domain

It's a rare thing when a timber mill adds another shift. 

It's far rarer that an environmental group applauds the addition. 

But Malheur Lumber is adding a shift at its mill in the eastern Oregon town of John Day, and an agreement with environmental groups played a part in the move.

College Degrees In The Timber Industry

Apr 22, 2014
Bureau of Labor Statistics

In the boom years in the wood products business, kids could graduate high school and head for the woods or the mill for a family-wage job. 

It's a lot more complicated now.  Forest products companies want better-schooled employees, but have a hard time finding them. 

Rough And Ready Lumber Coming Back

Apr 3, 2014
EarthFix Photo: Cassandra Profita

What was once lost is returning. 

Rough and Ready Lumber closed its doors near Cave Junction several months ago, shutting the last operating sawmill in Josephine County. 

Backlash To Wyden Timber Plan

Feb 11, 2014
M.O. Stevens/Wikimedia Commons

It has been said many times that journalists and legislators know they've probably done their jobs well when many people are angry with them. 

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden can probably relate. 

Arguing Timber And Terminology

Feb 3, 2014

The Bureau of Land Management calls the plan for the White Castle timber sale "variable retention harvest."

Environmental groups prefer "clearcut."  Welcome back to the frequent battles over logging in Western Oregon. 

Oregon Timber Bill To Be Introduced

Dec 19, 2013
Bureau of Land Management

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden is introducing his long-awaited bill to promote logging on national forests in Eastern Oregon

The Oregon Democrat's Senate Natural Resources Committee is to take up the bill today.

VENTSday: O & C Timber Bill + Phones On Planes

Dec 4, 2013

There's already a wealth of opinion being offered on Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden's timber bill, and you can add to it on this week's VENTSday segment on The Exchange.

Every Wednesday at 8:30, we throw a pair of topics on the table--in theory, unrelated--and open up the phone lines and the email box to gather your take on either or both of the issues.  It's VENTSday on The Jefferson Exchange, and you participate by calling 1-800-838-3760 or 541-552-6782 or emailing JX@jeffnet.org.