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California's largest electric utility took the unprecedented step of shutting off power to millions of customers beginning last October. The decision was meant to prevent power equipment from sparking catastrophic wildfires.

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Federal agencies are proposing a new rule outlining if and when power companies can clear vegetation surrounding their equipment in federally owned forests.

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Pacific Gas and Electric Company restored electricity all of its customers over the weekend. Last week, the major California utility decided to shut power to prevent its equipment from sparking another wildfire during strong, dry winds.

In Shasta and Tehama counties, many people were inconvenienced — some even endangered — when the power went out. But mostly, people were just bored and out of work, leading them to find creative ways to pass the time without electricity.

PG&E Outages In NorCal Likely To Last For Days

Oct 9, 2019
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Continued hot, windy weather means hundreds of thousands of households across Northern California can expect to be without power for several more days.


UPDATE: WEDNESDAY, OCT.9, 5:15 a.m. ... In a press release, Pacific Gas and Electric says it has begun proactively shutting off power to about 800,000 customers across California due to a high wind event. The shutoff is to prevent the utility's power lines and transmission equipment from sparking a wildfire.