Is California really ‘winning’ in court against the Trump administration?

Sep 26, 2019

Democratic-controlled California has been labeled the "State of Resistance," in large part for challenging the Trump administration in federal court on issues ranging from the environment to immigration to the U.S. census. 

As of late September, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra had filed or joined 60 lawsuits against the Trump administration. His office has also filed friend of the court briefs in several additional cases against the administration. 

But is California really "winning" in court as Becerra and Gov. Gavin Newsom have confidently claimed? 

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The resistance is not just about people taking to the streets and signing up to run for office.  Opposition to President Trump is obviously expressed in literature, too. 

The work of 42 writers, poets, and graphic artists is bundled together in the book Who Will Speak For America?  The works range from the beginning of the presidential term to the far future of the country, very much under debate at the moment. 

Nathaniel Popkin edited the book with Stephanie Feldman. 

Fibonacci Blue -

The last election marked a beginning; not just for the candidates elected, but for the people who worked against their election. 

"Resistance" groups sprang up quickly in the days and weeks after Election Day. 

Southern Oregon counts at least two groups working on behalf of working people, counter to the proposals of the Trump administration: Indivisible and Our Revolution

They have both made themselves known for the last several months.