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California Democrats Hope Asian-American Voters Can Help Flip Red Districts

Oct 12, 2018

Asian-Americans are the fastest growing ethnic group in California, now making up more than 14 percent of the population. It's a slice of the demographic pie that has tripled since 1980.

Oregon’s Third Senate District encompasses roughly the southern half of Jackson County, from Medford to the California line. It’s also a district that could determine whether the state’s Democratic legislators get the super-majority that would enable them to pass spending measures without Republican votes.

The two candidates for the seat met in a town hall-style forum Thursday night sponsored by Southern Oregon University and Jefferson Public Radio.

Political junkies hoping to hear something new from the top two candidates for Oregon governor didn’t find much Tuesday night, as Democratic Gov. Kate Brown and Republican Rep. Knute Buehler met for their third and final debate.

State Rep. Knute Buehler, seeking middle ground on immigration issues in his race for governor, criticized the Trump administration Thursday for pursuing rule changes that could hurt health care for immigrants.

Buehler blasted a proposed rule from the Department of Homeland Security. It would make it harder for immigrants to win permanent residency in the U.S. if they use Medicaid and other public health programs.

Oregon Senate District 3 is a hot commodity.  The switch of the seat from Democrat to Republican in a special election two years ago changed the course of business in the Oregon Legislature. 

Incumbent Alan DeBoer chose not to run again, opening the door for Democrat Jeff Golden and Republican Jessica Gomez

They join us for a candidate forum co-sponsored by JPR and Southern Oregon University, held on the evening of October 11th. 

For nearly 20 years Republican Rep. Greg Walden has locked up re-election in Oregon’s 2nd Congressional District. This time, however, Democrat Jamie McLeod-Skinner is betting on voters with an independent streak. 

Those voters include Anthony Bowman of Pendleton.

“I don’t necessarily vote on the right side or the left side. I just read about all the candidates, all the issues and choose,” he said.

California voters will decide in November on Proposition 10, which would allow cities to expand rent control.
Joey Parsons / Flickr

California voters will decide in November on Proposition 10, which would allow cities to expand rent control.

Joey Parsons / Flickr

PolitiFact California looks at claims made by elected officials, candidates and groups and rates them as: True, Mostly True, Half True, Mostly False, False and Pants On Fire.

Fact-Checking The California Governor's Debate With John Cox And Gavin Newsom

Oct 8, 2018
Graphic by PolitiFact California

Republican John Cox and Democrat Gavin Newsom met for their only debate in the California governor’s race, with the two candidates agreeing that they hold very different positions on a number of topics, including regulation and immigration.

In other cases, they agreed on the problems California faces -- a housing shortage, affordability for the middle class -- but they had very different policy ideas to address them.

Here is a summary of what the candidates said at the debate, including what was accurate and what was not. 

Oregon voters will decide this November whether to make it more difficult for the state Legislature to raise taxes and fees.

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To both supporters and opponents, it’s a battle over how power is wielded in the state Capitol.


California is one of just a handful of states that allows rent control, but the price caps on rent are limited by the Costa-Hawkins act of the mid-1990s. 

So it should surprise no one that the limits on rent control are being challenged in the November election.  Proposition 10 would repeal Costa-Hawkins, allowing more flexibility for cities to put controls on rents. 

The Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment and the Yes on Prop 10 campaign support the repeal. 

The current version of Oregon's 2nd Congressional District has never elected a Democrat to represent it. 

The district stretches from Grants Pass to the Idaho state line, and contains far more registered Republicans than Democrats.  But Jamie McLeod-Skinner is putting great effort into capturing the congressional seat from 20-year incumbent Greg Walden. 

McLeod-Skinner joins us to talk about her qualifications and positions.  

Thousands of Oregon’s students — an estimated 23,000 — are homeless or on the verge of living without shelter.

There’s a dearth of affordable housing in the state.

And a record number of people are spending so much of their income covering rent and utilities they are struggling to pay for other basic needs.

The housing crisis in Oregon stretches from small coastal towns, where rental vacancy rates hover around zero, to the state’s biggest city, where makeshift tents dot the landscape.

U.S. Rep. Greg Walden, R-Ore., said he won’t debate his challenger Jamie McLeod-Skinner again before the November election.

The two challengers for Oregon’s 2nd District debated a wide range of issues in their first meeting that aired on Bend television station KTVZ Friday.

Jamie McLeod-Skinner is the Democratic candidate for the seat. Her campaign has raised more money to unseat Walden than all previous Democrats to run against him combined.

New Tool Allows Californians To Report Campaign Ads That Don't Disclose Donors

Oct 5, 2018
Andrew Nixon/Capital Public Radio

With the election only a month away, campaign flyers, TV ads, and billboards will start to pile up.

This week California Fair Political Practices Commission introduced AdWATCH, a tool for the public to identify ads that violate campaign law.

The California Disclose Act requires mailers, lawn signs, billboard, TV and radio, and internet ads to show who’s paying for political advertising. FPCC Spokesman Jay Wierenga said the tool helps the public report the ad if the proper information isn’t listed.

Meeting Thursday evening for the second of three planned gubernatorial debates, Democratic Gov. Kate Brown and Republican state Rep. Knute Buehler were more willing to attack each other's record than when they’d faced off two nights before.

On a wide array of issues, Brown and Buehler set forth at the Medford event to build a narrative about their opponent.

Oregon’s sanctuary law for immigration is simple on paper. It says no law enforcement agency can use its money, equipment or personnel for the purpose of detecting or apprehending people whose only violation is being in the country unlawfully.

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Campaign Cash Reports Show Races For Oregon Governor, Ballot Measures Chugging Along

Oct 4, 2018
Maklay62 via Pixabay

The two leading candidates for Oregon governor have now raised nearly $20.74 million, showing no signs of stopping as the record-breaking race chugs along.

As swank candidate fundraisers go, the gathering of possible Knute Buehler supporters on Sept. 12 could hardly have been more cliché.

There was the setting: a hillside mansion with a dramatic view of Portland’s twinkling cityscape. There were the attendees: 30 or so well-heeled voters sipping wine and waiting to hear Buehler’s pitch for why he should be Oregon’s first Republican governor in three decades.

State Rep. Knute Buehler attempted to make the first gubernatorial debate with Gov. Kate Brown a referendum on her leadership, but the format — fielding questions from high school students from all over the state — made such a direct confrontation difficult.

The lowkey debate Tuesday pit two familiar foes against each other; Brown, the Democrat, and Buehler, the Republican, ran against each other for Oregon secretary of state in 2012. Since the candidates were taking questions from students, they touched on topics that haven’t been dominating the airwaves.

Mark Buckawicki/Wikimedia

Oregon already had some of the most liberal abortion laws in the country, before the legislature passed House Bill 3391 last year.  That extended state payments for abortions to include people living in the country illegally. 

And it made putting Measure 106 on the ballot easier for its supporters.  106 would forbid state tax money from being used for most abortions. 

Supporters of the measure--No on abortion is Yes on the measure--visited on October 2nd. 

Forward Together and Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon are among the groups opposing 106.