JPR Live Session: The Suitcase Junket Friday, October 25th at Noon

On Friday, October 25th at Noon, JPR will broadcast a live session with The Suitcase Junket on Open Air. 

The latest album from The Suitcase Junket, Mean Dog, Trampoline is populated by characters in various states of reverie: leaning on jukeboxes, loitering on dance floors, lying on the bottoms of empty swimming pools in the sun. Singer/songwriter (junketer?) Matt Lorenz is the man behind the songs -- displaying a multi-faceted array of sonic textures through a collection of devices straight out of the vaudeville era.

Mean Dog, Trampoline was produced by Steve Berlin of Los Lobos, and it marks a deliberate departure from the self-produced, homespun approach of The Suitcase Junket’s previous efforts. In creating the album, Lorenz pulled from a fantastically patchwork sonic palette, shaping his songs with elements of jangly folk, fuzzed-out blues, oddly textured psych-rock.

The follow-up to 2017’s Pile Driver, Mean Dog, Trampoline takes its title from a lyric in “Scattered Notes From A First Time Home Buyers Workshop.” “I found the notes I’d taken during a first-time homebuyers workshop years ago and they were completely incomprehensible, so I decided to put them into a song,” says Matt Lorenz, an Amherst, Massachusetts-based artist who’s made music under the name of The Suitcase Junket since 2009. “Mean dogs and trampolines are two things insurance companies really hate,” he adds.

Tune in Friday, October 25th at Noon for a JPR Live Session with The Suitcase Junket on JPR's Rhythm & News Service. To listen online, click the "Listen Live" link at the top of the page and select "Rhythm & News." Or grab the podcast at Spotify, Stitcher, or Apple Podcasts.

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