JPR Live Session: Rising Appalachia

Oct 7, 2019

Sisters Chloe and Leah Smith have been making music since childhood, but the sound of Rising Appalachia is one born from their upbringing but educated by their travels and connections made around the world. 

Leah and Chloe consider their voices to be their primary instrument, but Leah also plays banjo and bodhran, while Chloe plays guitar, fiddle, and banjo. They were joined in the studio by a fascinating mix of musicicians -- David Brown on baritone guitar and Biko Casini on the calabash, plus two new members of the band: West African n'goni playter Arouna Diarra and Irish fiddler Duncan Wickel. The resulting melting pot of sounds are woven into Leylines, their new album produced by Joe Henry.

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