JPR Live Session: Million Miles

Nov 30, 2018

Million Miles is the project of Franco/British singer Sophie Baudry, who infuses her music with elements of soul, folk and blues. She previously released “Ice Cream & Cigarettes” which shot to the top of Spotify’s US Viral Chart and has found great success across public radio.

Baudry was raised in Paris and lives in London but was trained at Boston’s famed Berklee College of Music. After returning to London, Baudry kept feeling the pull towards American Soul music - specifically the evocative voices of Ray Charles and Bill Withers. Baudry has a similar signature voice, one that’s amiable and full of melancholy all at once. So she set off for the U.S. to look for inspiration and to write and record in Nashville, TN.

After finding her musical home in Nashville, Million Miles returned to the UK with tracks drenched in bluesy guitar solos, soulful melodies and lyrical mastery. Her new EP features stories of heartbreak, relationships and optimistic endings.