When we have differing opinions and can't even agree upon the facts, is there any point in trying to have a conversation? 

Yes, say Marla Estes and Rob Schläpfer. 

They offer workshops on “How to Change Minds (Including Your Own)" to provide some guidance for people who really do think a little dialogue might go a long way to reducing the current polarized state of American discussion. 

A session by that title comes to the Medford library on Saturday, July 1, part of The Weekly Talk series.

Freedom And Dialogue In A Polarized World

Mar 19, 2014

To understand a person, walk a mile in their shoes. 

Not a lot of shoe-swapping going on in the world today, is there?  Historians assure us there have been other periods of polarization in American history (see: Civil War), but we have to live in this one.  Unless we can do something about it.