JPR Live Session: Patchy Sanders

Dec 18, 2015

Based out of Ashland OR, Patchy Sanders is a 6-piece collective comprised of Danielle (banjo) and Jacqui Aubert (vocals), Dan Sherrill (guitar), Sara Wilbur (violin), Ian Van Ornum (mandolin), and Eric Jones (bass).

Working with eclectic themes from dreams, fairy-tales, after-life, wild lands etc... Patchy Sanders crafts stream of consciousness story music with an emphasis on melody and lyrics. These aren’t songs as much as they are musical emotional experiences which conjure other worldly journeys. By and large their music fits as well in an acoustic art-house as it does in a farm house hootenanny hoe-down or main-stage at a pop festival.

Seeking to broaden modern folk’s traditionalist approach, Patchy Sanders' music bends towards avant-folk, with folk-orchestral arrangements blending diverse genres and musical styles. This is contemporary, independent, eclectic, eccentric, folk music which critics have been, with effort, trying to categorize. Like many things which remain hard to classify.

In September, Patchy Sanders announced that the band was breaking up to pursue other musical and life options, and the JPR Live Session will be their final radio appearance as a band.