U.S. Army

We were told American military forces HAD to attack Iraq in 2003 because Saddam Hussein's regime possessed weapons of mass destruction. 

That turned out not to be true, and a majority of Americans now feel the Iraq war was a mistake. 

You can include the Rogue Valley's Stacy Bannerman in that majority.  She stayed home while her ex-husband fought in Iraq; he and their marriage were never the same. 

Bannerman is off to Washington this week to testify at the People's Tribunal on the Iraq War, hosted by Code Pink in Washington, DC. 

Why We Fight In The Middle East

Apr 4, 2016
Penguin Random House

It may not be possible to have a dull conversation with Andrew Bacevich. 

He's a retired army colonel and retired history professor who writes compelling books about America's engagement with the rest of the world... which he often finds wanting. 

His latest book America’s War for the Greater Middle East, focuses on where most of our military action now takes place... and it predates the invasion of Iraq by a couple of decades. 

Creative Writing On A Grim Time: "Redeployment"

May 12, 2014
Penguin Books

Just including the word "soldier" in the same sentence as "Iraq" conjures up many images for most of us. 

For Marine Corps veterans, the images are first-person.  Phil Klay served in Iraq during the surge, and came home to finish his Master of Fine Arts degree. 

Klay puts it to good use in a collection of short stories called Redeployment.