No JX: Christmas Day Specials

Dec 22, 2017

The Exchange crew could resist neither the allure of Santa Claus nor a three-day weekend; our program takes a break in favor of these holiday specials: at 8:00 - Earth Is Our Home: Living on Earth's annual holiday show is back!

The program features and stories from three performers about living on Earth, sharing the planet and universal themes of the season.

The roster includes storyteller Jay O'Callahan, singer Denny Breau, and green hip-hop artist Tem Blessed.

They sing, rap, and talk the need for love, good food, kindness toward all creatures and the value of imagination.  
At 9:00 - 9am/9pm - Marketplace Tech's Holiday of the Future: Marketplace Tech host Molly Wood explores the future of holiday purchases and celebrations.

How will the holiday experience change in the next decade? How will we buy things? What machines and bots will join us around the dinner table?

What companies will be household names? How will people with less money be utilizing technology?

It's an entertaining examination of current tech trends and predictions on tech's lasting effects on our most special occasions.