tiny houses


High costs and low availability can discourage just about anyone in the real estate market. Those conditions can also make options like tiny homes more attractive.

The fascination with very small houses has been around long enough that some books on the subject are now in second editions. Those include A Tiny Home to Call Your Own, by Patricia Foreman.

And some builders specialize in tiny homes, like Oregon Cottage Company in Eugene.


It's been described as a "movement," but building small structures is nothing new.  Tiny houses were the natural choice before humans began building bigger houses. 

And Derek Diedricksen began working on small-scale buildings years ago.  He gives an overview of such buildings and a variety of uses for them in his book Microshelters: 59 Creative Cabins, Tiny Houses, Tree Houses, and Other Small Structures


Eugene got one, Medford got one, now a group in Ashland wants one: a tiny house village. 

And not just for cuteness, but to house people who can't afford other places to live in one of Oregon's most expensive cities. 

The Ashland Tiny House Village Group envisions perhaps 12-15 houses in a cluster, a place for people to get on their feet financially while seeking permanent housing. 

In Search Of The Good Life: The Unsettlers

Jan 27, 2017

Making life simpler can be complicated. Ditching your smartphone could mean turning your back on work, or turning a blind eye to current events.

But when does all this become less about informing us, and more about making us anxious? With this at heart some people are trying to extract themselves from the parts of the world they're least empowered to change. How and why does one go about "unsettling," and creating a simpler life? A journalist studied this very question.


The tiny house movement came on suddenly. 

People who needed homes or wanted smaller homes embraced the idea of living in houses that contain square footage in dozens, not hundreds, of square feet. 

But building codes written for fixed structures often have no place for tiny houses. 

So tiny house builder Andrew Morrison has been working on getting tiny houses included in the International Residential Building Code (IRC).