More than half the American population has no memory of cigarette commercials on TV and radio, because they stopped in the early 1970s.  And regulators have put additional pressures on tobacco companies to curtail their marketing, especially marketing that might appeal to younger people thinking about starting smoking. 

The Oregon Health Authority's tobacco unit recently put out its Tobacco Retail Assessment Report.  Bottom line: the tobacco industry still spends something like $100 Million in Oregon every year to get people to buy cigarettes and other products. 

Tomasz Sienicki, CC BY-SA 3.0, wikimedia

The people who smoke in public look a little older in Oregon these days, or should.  A couple of years ago, the state raised the minimum age of purchase of smoking and vaping products to 21. 

And research by the Oregon Health Authority, which runs several smoking cessation programs, shows the law is having the desired effect.  The numbers show fewer people who have started using tobacco since the law took effect. 


Report cards are out for efforts to get people to stop smoking, and Oregon's includes a couple of Fs.  California got all As and Bs on the same report from the American Lung Association, "State of Tobacco Control 2019."

The Lung Association says Oregon should charge more in taxes for cigarettes and pay more for tobacco prevention programs.  Smoking is down in America, but annual deaths still top 480,000--about the population of Atlanta. 

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Researchers proved the dangers of secondhand smoke years ago.  Breathing the smoke from other people smoking cigarettes can harm your health, just as smoking can. 

And now there's evidence that third-hand smoke can cause problems too... being around the places and surfaces where people smoked also bears some risks. 

A recent article by chemistry professor Peter DeCarlo at Drexel University lays out the issues. 

Tomasz Sienicki, CC BY-SA 3.0, wikimedia

People continue to smoke and use tobacco in Oregon, despite programs in place to discourage smoking. 

The Oregon Nurses Association says there's a reason: the tobacco industry spending heavily to influence laws and policies in the state. 

ONA points to Oregon's low cigarette tax as one example. 

Cutting Back On Teen Tobacco Use

Aug 29, 2014

Those occasional "stings" in which teens attempt to buy cigarettes stung Oregon a lot in recent years. 

Because the attempts led to real tobacco purchases in more than 20 percent of the cases just a couple of years ago. 

That made Oregon one of the easiest places in the country for kids to buy a pack of smokes. 

Oregon Beaches May Ban Smoking

Aug 7, 2014
Scott Catron/Wikimedia

The fresh salt air.  The sound of the waves crashing on the shore.  The smell of cigarette smoke. 

Two of those will continue at Oregon ocean beaches, and it's probably not the smoke. 

The Oregon State Parks Department proposes ending all smoking on Parks property along the ocean... which is almost all of Oregon's coastline. 

This follows new smoking restrictions in inland state parks. 

Kicking An Old Habit In The New Year

Jan 7, 2014
Oregon Public Broadcasting

Even the people who resist making New Year's resolutions may be inclined to think in terms of "turning a page" into a new year, and changing some long-established habits. 

Smoking is a popular item for the top of that list. 

Major Problems With Minor Smokers In Oregon

Nov 25, 2013

Young people are smoking cigarettes less in the United States and in Oregon, but Oregon has a particular issue to address: it ranks among the worst states in selling tobacco products to minors. 

And Lane County ranks high among the counties in cases of minors buying cigarettes in stores.