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Businesses can go to college, too. 

Small Business Development Centers like the one at Southern Oregon University provide advice to entrepreneurs and small businesses to help them launch and stay airborne. 

Most of the advice and guidance are provided free of charge.  But a new, intensive, nine-month program called the Small Business Management program starts this fall, and does charge a fee.

Todd Tippin is the trainer/advisor for the program. 

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Two things any business getting started needs: money and expertise. 

So it helps when the expertise can be obtained for little money.  Or none, as happens at the weekend (October 22nd) Business Resource Forum scheduled for Medford. 

The Small Business Development Center at Southern Oregon University is among the entities putting the forum together. 

Small Biz "Friendliness" Lacks In Oregon

Jul 24, 2014

Nobody likes getting a bad grade.  Especially when it's a whole state. 

But Oregon just got below-average marks for its friendliness to small businesses from and a partner. 

The state got a C+ for overall friendliness and a D for the friendliness of its regulations.  California got a D and an F in the same categories.

A Hand Up From Business Coaching And Consulting

Jun 17, 2014

So you have an idea for a business, and you take the first steps to get it started. 

Where to turn for advice and assistance? 

A number of economic development organizations offer mentoring programs to provide "training wheels" to startups. 

That's the business Gary Einhorn of Ashland is in. 

Touched By An Angel To Start A Business

Apr 16, 2014
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So you've got a good idea and a model of a product.  Now what?

It can still be tricky in the best of conditions to secure the start-up money for a new business, even in this age of crowdsourcing. 

Market Research For Small Businesses

Mar 6, 2014
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One of the challenges of starting a small business is having information about the potential market for a product or service. 

Market research costs money, sometimes a lot of it.  So the Oregon Small Business Development Center Network just launched a Market Research Institute to perform market research for clients of the OSBDCN's centers. 


Quick, what's the first thing any business needs to get started?

Money is bound to be the number one answer, but supporters and mentors would not be far behind. 

Fire/Smoke Relief For Small Businesses

Sep 13, 2013
PNW #2 IMTeam

The summer fires in Josephine and Douglas counties damaged few structures.

But they put a huge dent in the tourism business, especially during the time the Rogue River was closed to rafting. 

Small Business Help Hits The Road

Sep 6, 2013
State of Oregon

Political leaders often talk about making life easier for small business owners.  Oregon's governor sends people who can help on the road.  The "Governor's Marketplace Roadshow" visits Grants Pass, Klamath Falls and Eugene in the weeks ahead, putting state and federal agency representatives face-to-face with business owners.  You'll hear who attends and what kinds of help they can expect.