Cutting Oregon's Lines To Coal Plants

Jan 20, 2016
Ninjanabe/Wikimedia Commons

Oregon's last coal-burning power plant is due to shut down in four years, but the state still gets power from out-of-state plants that burn coal. 

The Oregon Clean Electricity and Coal Transition Plan aims to flip that switch to OFF as well. 

The Citizens' Utility Board of Oregon negotiated the plan with Oregon's two largest power companies

The idea is to boost the use of renewable power by both companies through legislation. 

A History Of Solar Energy-A LONG History

Oct 1, 2013
Pink Sherbet Photography

Don't be too impressed with solar panels on your roof.

Photovoltaic technology may be relatively new in human history, but a lot of lower tech preceded it. 

Civilizations as far back as ancient China found ways to make maximum use of the sun's power in their homes and lives. 

Rogue Valley Green And Solar Tour

Sep 18, 2013
Pink Sherbet Photography

Solar power has been around for decades now, but it's still a mystery to many people.