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Malek Jandali creates music and believes in peace.  It's no surprise he's combined the two in an ongoing project called "Pianos for Peace."

It was only last fall that the Rogue Valley Symphony brought Jandali to town to oversee the debut of a viola concerto.  Now the composer is back for a series of events related to "Pianos for Peace," including the temporary placement of two pianos in Ashland for the public to enjoy. 


The Ashland Culture of Peace Commission might not exist if not for the work of Anwarul K. Chowdhury.  And now he's set to amplify the favor. 

Chowdhury, who worked as a Bangladeshi diplomat and at the United Nations, was intrumental in advancing the concept of a culture of peace.  He is the featured speaker and guest at a Global Peace Conference in Ashland on Saturday. 


For several years now, the Ashland Culture of Peace Commission has worked to instill a sense of people doing right by each other in the community. 

And it is clearly not the only organization of its kind, because others are sending reps to the Ashland Global Peace Conference, next week in Ashland (September 21st).  Anwarul K. Chowdhury, the founder of the global culture of peace, will be among the guests.

The sails are red, but the sailboat is named Golden Rule.  And the peace sign is not just decoration, it represents the boat's mission. 

Veterans For Peace uses the boat to press the case for the end of nuclear weapons.  The boat itself is a recreation of a boat that sank nearly ten years ago, and its creation is the subject of the documentary film "The Rebirth of the Golden Rule," showing soon in the Rogue Valley.

Simple concept, difficult execution: bringing peace to all the world.  The World Peace Flame was first lit in 1999, and now burns on all the continents of the Earth. 

Only one burns in the United States, at the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis.  A second one begins to burn in Ashland tonight (September 21), at the Thalden Pavilion on the Southern Oregon University campus. 

NASA/Public Domain

You are what you eat, as the saying goes.  So what does your diet say about your attitudes? 

Plenty, in the eyes of Will Tuttle.  Dr. Tuttle--PhD in Education--is a vegan who supports a diet that is sustainable and compassionate, among other things. 

He calls it "The World Peace Diet" and has written a book by that name. 

Walter Albertin/Library of Congress ID ds.01489e/Wikimedia

One by-product of the November election is fear... including fear of nuclear war increasing for the first time in years. 

Peace activists consider the current landscape and how best to address it. 

In Ashland, Peace House hosts a discussion of the current state of American society (March 16th and 17th), and whether we'll opt for war or to devote money to societal concerns. 

Kevin Martin of Peace Action and Reiner Braun of the International Peace Bureau are the featured speakers. 

Courtesy ACPC

The nearest shooting war is thousands of miles away, but we can think about peace in our own communities. 

As a regular, ongoing part of the culture.  That is the idea behind the Ashland Culture of Peace Commission

The CPC aims to incorporate a culture of peace into Ashland city business and society. 

Beyond Peace, To "Active Peace"

Aug 29, 2016

In a world full of conflict, is it even possible to find peace?  Yes. 

Not every corner of the world is involved in conflict; the trick is expanding the zones that are peaceful. 

Scott Brown, psychologist, life coach, mediator, and mentor, shares his approach in his book Active Peace: A Mindful Path to a Nonviolent World

Jamming With Nobel Winners

Apr 11, 2016
PeaceJam Foundation

Winning a Nobel Peace Prize certainly has its advantages. 

Winners do good things for humanity to win the recognition.  But what now?  The organization called PeaceJam Foundation is one answer. 

PeaceJam brings Nobel Peace laureates and young people together, to help develop the peaceful leaders of tomorrow. 

Ashland And A Culture Of Peace

Mar 22, 2014

Celebrations of peace draw crowds in Ashland.

Maybe the city should help encourage them, goes the thinking. 

Some city residents are pushing for the creation of a Culture of Peace Commission (CPC).