The arguments over the Jordan Cove liquefied natural gas plant (LNG) and pipeline are hot.  No surprise, given the plans for the export terminal near North Bend and the 200-mile-plus pipeline running to it. 

But it was a bit of a surprise when a British journalism organization revealed that LNG opponents have been monitored by law enforcement agencies.  The Coos County Sheriff's Office says it's only collecting items before the public, like on social media. 

But groups like Southern Oregon Rising Tide and Rogue Climate are not happy about it. 

Jes Burns / EarthFix

The plans for a liquified natural gas (LNG) export at Jordan Cove on Coos Bay come before the public again soon. 

Jordan Cove has to secure a number of permits before any building takes place.  The latest permit process includes public hearings planned in the region starting January 7th in Klamath Falls, January 8th in Central Point. 

Rogue Climate and other groups in opposition are working to get people to the hearings. 

Jes Burns/OPB EarthFix

The would-be builders of the LNG plant in Coos County have mounted an advertising blitz in recent months.  Advertisements and mailings have been common since before the election. 

Jordan Cove still has to win over some people before it can build its plant or the long pipeline to it. 

Picture Veresen/overlay JPR

[Revised with Veresen response 3/12] The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission delivered a potentially fatal blow to a plan to export liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the Coos Bay area.  On Friday, FERC denied permits for the Jordan Cove LNG Terminal and the Pacific Gas Connector pipeline proposed to run to it.

LNG Opposition Takes To the Screen

Jul 9, 2015
36 Inches The Movie

Environmental issues frequently make news in our region.  But few issues can stir up passions with just three letters: LNG.

The proposal for a liquefied natural gas export terminal at North Bend and a 230-plus mile pipeline too is like nails on a blackboard to many people.

Including the ones who made a mini-documentary film about the pipeline: "36 Inches."