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A country that has seen wages stagnate for a big chunk of the population has also seen real estate prices resume their rise. 

The result is predictable: more and more people getting priced out of rental housing. 

Several communities are using the term "crisis" to describe the situation, including in Jackson County. 

A Community Conversation series takes up the housing issue in its next session, Thursday night (Dec. 10) at 6 PM at the Medford library.

Home Or Just Visiting: "Microshelters"

Sep 30, 2015
Storey Publishing

It seemed like we went overnight from talking about "McMansions" to talking about tiny houses. 

That probably has a lot to do with the economy crashing.  But small places to hang out for a while or live full-time have their own unique appeal. 

Builder/designer Derek Diedricksen scours the planet looking for creative houses, cabins, tree houses, and more... and delivers the findings to us in his book Microshelters

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Chapters of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul are present all over the country, delivering on the society's goal of helping people in need. 

St. Vincent de Paul of Lane County defines that mission broadly, with many facets to its operation. 

One of the facets is building affordable housing, and the society just broke ground on new housing in Junction City, with additional units about to open up in Eugene (there's a waiting list). 

JeffX, WEDNESDAY, June 3 @ 8:30: It's an all-housing VENTSday on the Exchange this week; comment on one topic, or comment on both.

First up, the Oregon governor's request for $100 Million to build affordable housing awaits action by the Oregon Legislature.  Let's hear what you think about how and where (or if) government should be in the business of building affordable housing.

Next, the vacation rentals/Airbnb trend, in which people rent out their own homes online to vacationing tourists.  The hotel/motel biz generally hates it, so local governments seek to regulate it.  Give us your thoughts.

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The title of the book Democratic Architecture might lead you to think it's about building political systems or parties. 

There is a ~little~ of that in the book, but mostly it's about democratizing housing... making it more affordable to more people. 

Author Donald MacDonald is himself an architect (see: Bay Bridge, East Span), and he offers up a number of housing designs to address our many housing issues. 

Assessing Housing Needs In Oregon

Apr 14, 2015

It is one of the simplest wishes for any human: a roof over our heads, a place to call home. 

Simple wish, not always simply fulfilled. 

April is Fair Housing Month across the country, and Oregon Housing and Community Services is taking input on housing needs around the state. 

This is part of a five-year look at housing issues. 

Real Estate Rebound In Rogue Valley

Jan 12, 2015

Your local real estate agent is probably looking a little more relieved of late. 

The recession whacked the home sales market hard, and the whack lasted a while. 

But now home sales, particularly in the Rogue Valley, are picking up--as are prices--and realtors can draw a breath or two. 

Oregon's New Housing Law

Jul 9, 2014

Discrimination in rental housing is banned under law. 

But landlords in Oregon could refuse to rent to people who got rental assistance through the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program. 

That ended effective July 1, when the Housing Choice Act went into effect under Oregon law. 

Quixote Village: More Than Just A Place To Sleep

Mar 6, 2014
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This past Christmas Eve, 30 homeless adults found a permanent residence in Olympia, Wash.

Before the move, the group lived in tents, hosted by different churches in the area. Many of the people had been sleeping in the woods and just wanted a safe place to stay.

Now, Camp Quixote is known as Quixote Village and comprises tiny houses for homeless adults. At 144 square feet, the homes are about the size of a one-car garage.

Ensuring Fair Practices In Housing

Nov 4, 2013
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Years after laws against discrimination passed at every level of government, there are still episodes of people being denied housing because of skin color. 

The Fair Housing Council of Oregon investigates such cases and provides training to prevent discrimination from taking places. 

David Shankbone

If you're having trouble keeping up with options available to homeowners facing foreclosure, you're not alone.

A number of programs have come and gone, and Oregon (as of August 4th) is now offering face-to-face mediation sessions between homeowners and the entities seeking to foreclose.