forest restoration


The Oregon Natural Desert Association takes a variety of approaches to protecting Oregon's desert lands.  The approaches now include training descendants of the desert's original inhabitants to help in the protection processes. 

The Tribal Stewards Program launched this summer with members of the Warm Springs, Siletz, and Navajo tribes. 

Stephen Cunliffe/Jefferson Land Trust

It's easy to take our physical surroundings for granted, especially if we're outdoors and the landscape is pretty.  But could it be pretty in different ways? 

That's the question that faced biologist Scott Freeman and his family.  The "drainage ditch" they adopted was actually a stream, as important as any stream to the creatures who live in it... and downstream, and in the bay, and so on. 

The process of working to restore that stream is told in Scott Freeman's book Saving Tarboo Creek: One Family's Quest to Heal the Land

Lomakatsi Restoration Project

What young person would NOT want to spend summer in the woods?  Did we mention there's a little work involved? 

Lomakatsi Restoration Project specializes in forest restoration projects like the one ongoing in the Ashland Watershed. 

But the project also runs summer programs for young people, training them to do the work of caring for outdoor areas that need some attention. 

The offerings include programs for tribal youth.