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Learning about the harsh processes used to create synthetic fabrics and dyes can curl your hair.  And some of the chemicals used in the processes can do that, and much worse. 

So there's a greater emphasis over time on making fashion sustainable and earth-friendly.  Keith Recker keeps an eye on the evolution from his role as editor of Hand/Eye magazine and as a color consultant for Pantone, the color standard-setters. 

He talks about the revival of nature-based dyes in his book True Colors: World Masters of Natural Dyes and Pigments


Baby boomers can well remember learning how to sew in home economics classes in high school. 

As society and education changed, skills like sewing got less emphasis and attention.  But sewing know-how is still in demand, as we learn from the co-directors of the Redding Fashion Alliance

Jan Kearns and Robin Fator are looking for some people who know how to sew, and interested in getting those skills taught again. 

Betty Halbreich did not invent the concept of the personal shopper, but it can be argued that she perfected it. 

New York's swanky Bergdorf Goodman store put her to work picking out clothing for customers to choose from, rather than ransacking the racks themselves. 

Betty became legendary, a story she tells in her memoir I'll Drink to That: A Life in Style, with a Twist