cultural diversity

Southern Oregon University

People from all kinds of backgrounds come together to form the student body at any university.  That's why, over time, the position of diversity officer has been established and has become increasingly important. 

Suresh Appavoo recently accepted the position of Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer at Southern Oregon University in Ashland.  The job may be straightforward, but not simple: encourage diversity and a campus where students live and work harmoniously. 


It is a concern in many parts of the world, and has been through history: how can we keep our culture alive?  It is a particular issue for indigenous cultures in lands that have been colonized by people from elsewhere. 

And it is a focus of attention this week at Southern Oregon University, which hosts the Pacific Islander Indigeneity and Education Conference (May 3rd).  Rob Goodwin, the host of our Keenest Observers segment, returns to talk about the issues in keeping culture alive when people--in this case Pacific Islander students--leave home for extended periods.

U of California

Latinos are California's largest single minority group.  But Latinos can be hard to find among the faculty and administration of California's public colleges, both two- and four-year. 

And that's not the only group under-represented.  69% of students are diverse, but 60% of college faculty and senior leadership are white. 

The Campaign for College Opportunity documents the trends in a recent report

OSF Spotlights Asian American Theatre

Sep 29, 2016
Consortium of Asian American Theater & Artists

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival worked for years to promote diversity, on and off the stage. 

The efforts take another step with OSF's hosting of the National Asian American Theatre Conference and Festival (ConFest), October 1-9. 

There's much to see and talk about, especially in a year with notably diverse works on stage from community theatre to Broadway. 

Ashland New Plays Festival

Ashland New Plays Festival is all about celebrating new works and new voices. 

And its quest for diversity led to this spring's first ever "Women's Invitational," featuring works and workshops from women playwrights. 

Three plays by women playwrights will be read during the event this week (March 22-27), and event chair Laura Jacqmin will co-lead a workshop on what it takes to make a coherent play. 

Roy Saigo On Internment And Diversity

Dec 22, 2015
Southern Oregon University

A presidential candidate calls for excluding people of one religion from entering the country.  College students insist on greater attention to minority needs, and succeed in convincing top campus leaders to resign. 

Diversity, or at least efforts to secure it, has been in the news a lot of late. 

Southern Oregon University President Roy Saigo took note.  Saigo was on the receiving end of racial exclusion in his own life, spending time in an internment camp for Japanese-Americans as a child. 

Now he urges non-exclusion and tolerance from his perch atop a college administration. 

Celebrating Diversity In Shasta County

Feb 20, 2015
CrossPointe Church, Redding

Shasta County is one of the whitest counties in California. 

But there are certainly pockets of diversity, including the presence of a Mien community with Asian roots. 

A celebration of the Mien community's acceptance began a dozen years ago in Lake Shasta, at the Multi-Cultural Celebration

It returns again this weekend (Saturday 11-3) to Central Valley High School.

Oregon Shakespeare Celebrates CultureFest

Aug 29, 2014
Oregon Shakespeare Festival

CultureFest at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival is like the Olympics in one way: it only occurs every other year. 

So if this is 2014, it must be CultureFest time again. 

CultureFest is a celebration of multiethnic heritage, celebrated with plays and readings and programs that complement OSF's usual offerings.