If you can play an instrument or paint a picture, you're considered creative.  If you can figure out how to get a big stone to the top of a pyramid, you're also considered creative. 

Is it the same kind of creativity?  We have a chance to find out. 

Southern Oregon University hosts another Creativity Conference, starting July 11th.  Speakers and sessions deal with creativity in many forms and for many uses. 

roanokecollege, CC BY 2.0,

A guy connected to Lego must know something about creativity. 

And that is indeed the case for Ronald Beghetto.  One of his many hats is serving as a creativity advisor for the Lego Foundation. 

But Dr. Beghetto wears many others in studying and working to inspire creativity, especially in education.  He is one of the speakers at the Creativity Conference at Southern Oregon University August 3-6.