California is an economic giant, with an economy a bit larger than that of the United Kingdom. Yes, the UK. 

But the economic benefits are not evenly distributed; away from the big cities and the ocean, some areas are seeing their per capita income drop. 

The Regions Rise Together initiative is meant to build a plan for more inclusive and sustainable growth across the entire state.  The Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) and the Governor's Office of Planning and Research lead the way. 

Is California really ‘winning’ in court against the Trump administration?

Sep 26, 2019

Democratic-controlled California has been labeled the "State of Resistance," in large part for challenging the Trump administration in federal court on issues ranging from the environment to immigration to the U.S. census. 

As of late September, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra had filed or joined 60 lawsuits against the Trump administration. His office has also filed friend of the court briefs in several additional cases against the administration. 

But is California really "winning" in court as Becerra and Gov. Gavin Newsom have confidently claimed? 

Kamala Harris Claims She ‘Took On Big Oil’ As California AG. How Far Did She Go?

Sep 11, 2019
PolitiFact California

Democratic presidential hopeful and California Sen. Kamala Harris says she "will take on powerful interests," if elected to the White House. 

Neon Tommy/Wikimedia

On Thursday morning at 10am, JPR will broadcast California Governor Jerry Brown's State of the State address. Scott Shafer, senior editor for KQED's California Government and Politics Desk, will host the program which will include the governor's speech in its entirety followed by reporting and analysis from in-studio guests and reporters and newsmakers in the field.

Coverage can be heard on JPR's News & Information Service beginning at 10am, right after The Jefferson Exchange.

Neon Tommy/Wikimedia

On Tuesday morning, January 24th at 10am, JPR will broadcast California Governor Jerry Brown's State of the State address on the News & Information Service.

California As A Foreign Country?

Mar 10, 2016

The "Yes California" movement goes beyond the idea of the State of Jefferson, beyond carving California up into smaller states. 

The Yes California people think California should become a country.  It is already one of the top ten economies in the world all by itself. 

And Louis Marinelli says there are many compelling reasons for California to tell the United States goodbye. 

The Sacramento Philharmonic is resurrected, in more ways than one, with a little help from their friends in Detroit.

Some Federal Court Hearings Going Online

Jan 3, 2014
Keith Burtis/Flickr

Members of the public can now listen to hearings from the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals online.

The court said Thursday it will offer online access to all of its proceedings beginning with its hearings next week in Pasadena. It's the first time a federal appeals court has provided the service.

Driest California Year On Record Imminent

Dec 30, 2013

December has been one of the driest months ever recorded in California, which is spurring some cities and counties in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta region to issue water conservation orders earlier than usual.

The Sacramento Bee reports that the city of Folsom has already imposed a mandatory 20-percent water conservation order, while Sacramento County has asked residents in unincorporated areas to reduce water use by 20 percent.

Alleged Arsonist Arrested In Fatal California Fire

Dec 18, 2013
Garrett Frey/CalFire

A man has been arrested for arson for starting two small fires that joined and erupted into the fatal Clover Fire in Northern California in September.

Zane Wallace Peterson was arrested Tuesday on several charges, including suspicion of murder, arson on forest lands, and arson causing great bodily injury, according to Scott McLean, a fire captain with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

The Institute for Wildlife Studies

The return of the Bald Eagle may be one of the greatest success stories in wildlife management.

And it took a lot of work by a lot of people to bring the eagle back from the edge of extinction. 

California Gets More Time On Prison Overcrowding

Dec 12, 2013
California Department of Corrections

California's deadline to cut its prison population has been extended until April 18th.

A panel of federal judges previously had moved the deadline to February while a court-appointed mediator works to find a long-term solution with Governor Jerry Brown's administration and attorneys representing inmates.

Violence Increasing In California County Jails

Nov 29, 2013

California County jails have seen a marked increase in violence since they began housing thousands of offenders who previously would have gone to state prisons.

Assault records requested by The Associated Press show that many of the 10 counties that account for 70 percent of California's total jail population have experienced a surge in the number of inmate fights and attacks on jail employees.

Fracking Moratorium Requested

Nov 22, 2013

California U.S. Representative Lois Capps has asked for a moratorium on offshore fracking until there's more study. In a letter to the Interior Department and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency this week, Capps says she wants the federal government to conduct a study of fracking's impacts to the marine environment.

A recent report by the Associated Press documented at least a dozen instances of hydraulic fracturing in the Santa Barbara Channel, site of a disastrous 1969 oil platform blowout that spurred the modern environmental movement.

California University System Approves Budget

Nov 15, 2013
U of California

The University of California's Board of Regents has approved a proposed budget for next school year that hinges on the state giving the system an additional $120 million for pension cuts, enrollment growth, and improvements to academic programs.

The Board of Regents passed the spending plan unanimously at a meeting Thursday.

Toxic Liquids Create Threat For Humboldt Bay

Nov 11, 2013
U.S. Army Corp of Engineers

An emergency effort has begun to remove millions of gallons of toxic liquids from an abandoned pulp mill that poses a pollution threat to Humboldt Bay.

The Eureka Times-Standard reports that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency plans to remove more than 4 million gallons of pulping liquors from the old mill site.

Prison Pepper Spray Use Under Debate

Nov 8, 2013

Attorneys for California, and those representing prison inmates, are presenting a federal judge with starkly different views of prison guards' use of pepper spray against the mentally ill.

At issue in the trial that ended yesterday is whether guards' heavy use of pepper spray against some mentally ill inmates violates prisoners' civil rights.

Governors Unite To Promote Clean Energy

Oct 28, 2013
Michael Jastremski/Wikimedia

The governors of Oregon, Washington, and California are joining a Canadian province Monday to announce a partnership to collectively combat climate change and promote clean energy.

The regional leaders will announce the partnership today at a San Francisco event.

Sneaker Waves Possible In Northern California

Oct 22, 2013

Beachgoers along the Northern California coast are being warned to be careful of sneaker waves, large surf, and strong currents.

The National Weather Service has issued a beach hazards statement through Tuesday afternoon for the coast from Sonoma County to the Oregon border.

Beachgoers are advised to always keep their eyes on the ocean. Fishers are being told not to fish from rocks and jetties.

California Gets Reprieve On Prison Reduction

Oct 22, 2013

California has been granted an additional month to reduce its prison population, as negotiations continue on a longer-term delay.

Federal judges issue a one-paragraph ruling yesterday saying that a court-appointed mediator needs more time to seek agreement on how the state should reduce inmate crowding.

Governor Jerry Brown and state lawmakers want a three-year delay to give proposed rehabilitation programs time to work. Under a new state law, the alternative is to spend $315 million this fiscal year to house thousands of inmates in private prisons and county jails.