Anybody who wished they could ride a bike on city streets without worrying about traffic gets that wish granted at Medford Open Streets

The event, on Saturday October 12th, shuts down a couple of streets in the heart of downtown to motor vehicle traffic, from 11 AM to 2 PM.  So people on foot or bike or skateboard or pretty much anything without a motor get free rein on the streets around Pear Blossom Park. 


Bicycle-sharing programs are not just for big cities.  A number of cities in our region have started implementing bike share programs.

In the Rogue Valley, the Rogue Valley Council of Governments has partnered with the City of Ashland to implement a community bike share program called “Rogue Bike Share”

Moves are also being made in Arcata and Eugene to crank up the community pedals. 

Up & Down Ashland

The big transportation bill passed by the Oregon Legislature had a lot of features for a lot of different travel modes. 

That includes bicycles, which get more off-street paths under the bill. 

But they also get a new tax: $15 on the sale of every adult-sized bicycle with a value $200 or above.  There are mixed feelings among people who use and sell bicycles, as you might imagine.

We visit with reps from Bike Portland, People for Bikes, and Talent's Flywheel Bicycle Solutions

Kicking Off A Scenic Bikeway In Style

Jul 18, 2016
Up & Down Ashland

  Getting into the mountains can yield some spectacular views.  Getting into the mountains on a bicycle can get you the views and a lot of exercise. 

Such is the nature of the Oregon-designated Cascade Siskiyou Scenic Bikeway, rising into the mountains from the Rogue Valley floor. 

The inaugural event on the bikeway will be the Up & Down ride--advertised as "not a ride for the faint-hearted"--on July 23rd. 

The 1890’s brought fascination with a new vehicle—the bicycle.  Enthusiasts could buy a Golden Eagle bike for $30 and a Phoenix Wheel bike for $40.

Marnette Federis / Capital Public Radio

As the number of bike riders continues to grow in California, so do concerns about bicyclists’ safety. One lawmaker is embarking on an effort to get drivers to share the road.