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Oregon's list of statewide ballot measures in the November election includes a measure on abortion. 

Measure 106 would change the state constitution and forbid the spending of public money on abortions. 

A coalition called Oregon Life United is leading the campaign to pass the measure. 

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The 1973 Roe vs Wade decision legalizing abortion across the United States has been in the news again of late. 

Not like it's ever out of the news for long, but the nomination of a new federal Supreme Court justice raises the possibility that the court will consider, and restrict or overturn, Roe vs Wade in the next couple of years. 

That is a concern to NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon, which supports the maintenance of abortion rights in the state. 

Oregon has some of the most liberal abortion laws in the country, but the group is monitoring events just the same. 

Abortion Care Network

California's legislature took nearly the opposite approach of the states placing new restrictions on abortion facilities. 

Instead, legislators passed the California FACT act (the California Reproductive Freedom, Accountability, Comprehensive Care and Transparency Act), which requires counseling centers where abortion is opposed to inform clients that abortions are available for free elsewhere. 

As winter ended, the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments on the act.  Chief question: is it free speech or forced speech?  In the view of NARAL Pro-Choice California, it's more like a truth-in-advertising law. 

State Director Amy Everitt worked to pass the California FACT act; she visits with perspective on the law and its court challenges. 

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Many of the debates over state laws on abortion concern restrictions on clinics that perform abortions.  In California, nearly the opposite is true. 

The U.S. Supreme Court recently heard arguments on the FACT act (the California Reproductive Freedom, Accountability, Comprehensive Care and Transparency Act), which requires counseling centers where abortion is opposed to inform clients that abortions are available for free elsewhere. 

Free speech or forced speech?  That's what the justices have to consider,  and the California ProLife Council believes it is forced speech. 

Planned Parenthood

It's been pointed out many times that abortion makes up a small percentage of the services offered by Planned Parenthood. 

Despite that--and a law barring federal funding of abortion--Planned Parenthood remains a target of conservatives in Congress.  They would like to eliminate all federal funding for the agency. 

That would have an impact in many places.  But an uneven impact, because Planned Parenthood's services differ from place to place.  Planned Parenthood Southwestern Oregon is the affiliate north of the state line. 

President and CEO Lisa Gardner and External Affairs Director Sky Loos visit. 

Oregon Right to Life

Oregon Right to Life seeks to protect human life from conception to death, and a natural death at that. 

ORTL often finds itself mentioned in the same paragraphs as Planned Parenthood, because it takes issue with abortion and other practices of that organization. 

ORTL formed even before the Supreme Court legalized abortion with the Roe vs Wade decision in 1973. 

Southern Oregon chapter rep Bryan Platt visits the Exchange. 

Life To Stage And Back: Discussing "Roe"

May 10, 2016
Oregon Shakespeare Festival

"The play's the thing," Shakespeare wrote.  But not the ONLY thing, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival hastens to add. 

OSF continues to produce plays about our society through its "American Revolutions" project.  The plays include this year's premier of "Roe," about the Roe vs Wade decision of the Supreme Court that made abortion legal nationwide. 

OSF plans several public discussions, including a pair this weekend (May 14-15). 

Roe vs Wade Comes To the Shakespeare Stage

Apr 12, 2016
Oregon Shakespeare Festival

It might be the most famous lawsuit of all time: Roe vs Wade. 

You only have to say "Roe," and people instantly understand you mean the case that made abortion legal, with limitations,  in the United States, in 1973.  Which probably explains why the Oregon Shakespeare Festival's new play on the suit and its implications is called simply "Roe."

The play is the latest to premier in OSF's ongoing "American Revolutions" cycle of history plays. 

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood cannot help being at the center of controversy; no organization involved in any way with abortion can. 

But the recent shooting attack on a Colorado Planned Parenthood office only heightened the tension. 

Lisa Gardner is the President and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon

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More medical professionals will be able to perform early-term abortions under a new law that takes effect in January. 

Reporter Ben Adler has more from Sacramento on the 25 bills California Governor Jerry Brown signed Wednesday – and the seven he vetoed.