California Speaks

  • Hosted by Ben Trefny

American media, in general, have been criticized for not reflecting the voices of all people.

Many of us recognize where we’ve been deficient: We don’t hear enough of the perspectives of people living outside our region. The result is what people have referred to as an information bubble, and it applies just as much to people of other political persuasions and locations, perpetuated by social media feeds catering to their core interests and media that doesn’t go far enough to express counter-perspectives.

To help bridge these divides, we are making a concerted effort to gather and share voices that are not necessarily heard by audiences in all corners of California, and make them available, for free, to any outlet that shares a similar interest in breaking out of their bubble. The result will provide us all with regular and meaningful insight into how people think throughout the state and shrink what has become a widening empathy gap dividing this country.

Call 1-833-SPEAK-CA  to participate.