Underground History: Searching For "The Beeswax Shipwreck"

Jul 19, 2017

Lumps of beeswax were offered by Native Americans in trade with white explorers along the Oregon Coast centuries ago. 

Searching for clues on the Oregon coast.
Credit nagagroup.org

The explorers wondered where the beeswax came from, and the answer appears to be from the wreck of a Spanish cargo ship in the Manila-Aculpulco trade.  Possibly before 1700! 

The wax still turns up from time to time, but the ship's remains have eluded discovery thus far. 

This month's installment of "Underground History" brings Southern Oregon University Laborary of Anthropology experts Mark Tveskov and Chelsea Rose back to the studio. 

We talk about the beeswax wreck with them and wreck principal investigator Scott Williams.