Two-Way Containers: "Rogue To Go" + "BYO"

Jan 9, 2020

Did anyone really ever give the contents of a "doggie bag" to a dog? 

Regardless of who consumes the contents, we take our take-out containers home, throwing the bag and any other containers in the trash.  Which goes to a landfill. 

Ashland recently instituted a pilot project called "Rogue To Go," which offers reusable containers for people picking up meals to take home.

A short list of restaurants are participating. 

The Talent Zero Waste Team is making a parallel move in neighboring Talent, with a program called BYO (for Bring Your Own, as in containers and utensils and more). 

Adam Hanks from the Ashland city administrator's office visits, along with Risa Buck of the Ashland Conservation and Climate Outreach Committee and Emily Berlant of the Talent Zero Waste Team.