Tracking Changes In The Region's Farms

Apr 13, 2016

Industries and economic trends come and go, but everybody's got to eat.  So agriculture is always a major industry in a rural area like ours. 

Credit Wikimedia

And that industry is different from what it was just a generation ago.  Where the Rogue Valley was once the center of the pear industry, many orchards have been converted to vineyards, now producing grapes for wine. 

A number of projects track the region's agricultural heritage, including Oregon's Century Farm program and the Wine of Southern Oregon collection at Southern Oregon University's Library. 

Maureen Flanagan Battistella is a researcher at SOU and a volunteer for the Southern Oregon Historical Society; she joins us with ideas for perusing local ag history. 

LINK: Follow for details on the tour of Heritage Orchards on April 17th.