Thanksgiving Day: The Replacements

Nov 27, 2019

Thanksgiving Day and the day after provide days of rest and feasting for the Exchange crew.  In place of the Exchange, we offer a four part series, I'll Be Seeing You: The Technologies That Watch Us.    

8am/8pm - Episode One/Project Vigilant -- The Evolution of Hacking
Adrian Lamo is the hacker who rather controversially turned Chelsea Manning into the authorities almost a decade ago. He died under mysterious circumstances last Spring. We take listeners on a narrative journey to reveal not only how he died, but explain how hacks work and what Lamo was doing on the DarkWeb.

9am/9pm - Episode Two/Elephants and AI -- Can Artificial Intelligence Save the Elephants?
We go to Malawi to look at how researchers are tailoring AI in their efforts to find poachers, and how a team at Cornell who are using machine learning to understand elephant language.