Stories Of Southern Oregon: Extending Help To Agriculture

Jan 13, 2020

You can live an urban lifestyle in the region, but not in many places.  We're surrounded by open country, much of it farmed. 

And farmers can use a little help every now and then with practices and procedures, which are available from the Southern Oregon Research and Extension Center, SOREC.  It provides classes for the general public--extending the mission of Oregon State University far and wide.

This month's Stories of Southern Oregon, compiled by Maureen Flanagan Battistella, focuses on SOREC's history and future.  Richard Roseberg, a soil scientist, is the current boss. 

He visits to talk about the mission of his and other Extension offices.  Maureen returns as well.  

Program note: the Master Gardener Program called in to remind people there are still spaces in training starting in late January.  541-776-7371 if you'd rather call.