Stories Alive Ep. 1701: All Kinds Of Brave

Jan 18, 2017

Dragon Girl
Credit Elsa Finney, 2nd Grade

Sometimes in life something can be scary, and it is okay to be scared. Facing what is scary is being brave, and there are many different ways to be brave! Listen in as the Story Machine gang helps Puffy Tail the Squirrel change from a scary (and scared) bully to a kind and brave new writer. In this episode we hear a dog named Oreo face a bully at the dog park in Oreo Saves the Day, by Faith Akers, 4th Grade; a heroic turtle save her animal friends in Why Turtles Have Hard Shells by Gregory Hunter, 4th Grade; and a a big sister with a secret super power save her little brother in Dragon Girl by Elsa Finney, 2nd Grade.