SOU Students Work To Save Paper

Apr 22, 2016

The tribulations of the journalism business are well documented, and affect outlets big and small. 

A vintage paper copy of The Siskiyou
Credit The Siskiyou

The student newspaper The Siskiyou at Southern Oregon University already gave up its print version several years ago. 

Now its staffers and faculty guide are trying to save it from extinction as an online-only publication. 

SOU is pulling its official support, but leaving the door open for a student-funded Siskiyou; a gofundme campaign has been set up for stopgap support. 

Editor Eli Stillman and writer Hannah Jones, then SOU administrators Greg Jones and Alena Ruggiero visit the studio with an update and a look ahead.  

SOU's position: only seven students need to sign up for the paper to continue as a club.