Solar Interference: October 4th-13th

Sep 25, 2019

Every spring and fall, all satellite receivers (including JPR’s) experience brief periods of high level electromagnetic interference due to the alignment of the sun, the satellite and the satellite receive antenna.  The digital audio channels used in the public radio system are more resistant to solar interference than the older analog audio channels, however, the disadvantage is that when they do fail, they fail completely and without warning. The only sound is typically a brief chirp.

This fall, outages are expected to occur from October 4th through October 13th at around 11:13am. As a result, listeners can expect brief interruptions to our weekday broadcast of Here & Now, as well as the Saturday, October 12th Metropolitan Opera production of Puccini's Turandot

These outages are a minor side-effect of using satellite technology to distribute live radio programming, and unfortunately are unavoidable.