Scientists Converge Upon Southern Oregon

Jun 17, 2019

Maybe it's not the best time in history to be a scientist--climate denial and all--but it beats the days of scientists hiding their discoveries from the church and authorities. 

Scientists from all over the western part of the country assemble in Ashland starting today (June 18th) for the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Pacific Division annual meeting.  We have many questions for participants about the current climate for science (pun not intended) and the kinds of science represented at the meeting. 

Dan Barry From AAAS in Washington joins the conversation.  Phil Mote, formerly of the Oregon Climate Change Research Institute and Juan-Carlos Ciscar from the Joint Research Center of the European Commission are also our guests.  

Note: Phil Mote was identified in the interview as the Director of OCCRI; he is now Associate Dean of Strategic Initiatives at Oregon State University.