Savor: A Honey Of A Segment

May 16, 2019

We admit to thinking about dessert while we start a meal.  So it's always right up our alley when discussions of food turn to sweeter offerings. 

Those include honey, featured this weekend (May 18th) at the Oregon Honey & Mead Festival in Ashland.  Will Smith, our partner for a monthly food segment we call Savor, returns to take up the subject.  Festival boss Sharon Schmidt also visits.

And we bring in another guest, Marla Bull Bear, who runs a honey-making project with young people at the Lakota Youth Development Project

We talk about honey in food, and honey as an economic and social boost. 

Here's Will's recipe for Honey Vanilla frozen cream

1 3/4 c Heavy Cream whipped stiff (place in fridge, 2 min)

2/3 c Orange Blossom Honey

4 L egg yolks

Procedure :
In small pot bring honey to boil. Cool.
Beat yolks one at a time until pale yellow.
Add honey in steady stream and beat until cool.
With spatula fold whipped cream into honey mixture.   

Place into 10x5 loaf pan and freeze....good for 2 weeks!

This is one of my fav things since I was a kid!!! Delicious !!!

Serve with fruit or angel food or pie!!