"Orphan Films" Come Home To Oregon

Nov 12, 2015

Maybe you're old enough to remember those starchy educational films that played on 16mm projectors in elementary school; subjects included trustworthiness and hygiene, among many others. 

Credit Wikimedia

And the film usually fluttered and often broke in the projector. 

The state of Oregon used to have quite a pile of those old films, and not just for youngsters. 

Titles like "Fumigating Strawberry Fields" and "Dungeness Crab Meat Extraction" may not have packed movie houses, but they served their purposes. 

For reasons we'll explore, more than 12,000 such films from Oregon are now housed at Indiana University.  A few of these so-called "orphan films" will be screened in Oregon starting this weekend. 

Film archivist Andy Uhrich joins us.

The schedule:

Saturday Nov. 14  7PM      Newspace Center for Photography, Portland

Sunday Nov. 15   7:30PM  The Barn Light, Eugene

Monday Nov. 16   7PM       Jefferson Spirits, Medford

Tuesday Nov. 17   6PM       Deschutes Public Library, Bend