Oregon Counties Take Precautions As Ballot Security Tightens

Nov 6, 2018

State and county officials say they have buttressed the state’s voting systems against intruders.

“I am confident that Oregon’s voting system is as safe as it can be from malicious outside entities,” Steve Trout, state elections director, said in a prepared statement. “That being said, we continue to evaluate and improve our security processes to ensure our systems are secure.”

Elections officials reiterated the security of Oregon’s procedures amid national concerns about foreign interference in this year’s midterms and reports earlier this month that Oregon voter information was being peddled online.

A majority of Americans are concerned about possible technological interference in voting systems. According to survey results published this week by the Pew Research Center, 55 percent of Americans aren’t confident that U.S. elections systems are secure from hacking and other technological threats. Respondents — 66 percent — were more confident in the security of state elections systems.

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