Opening Up To Celebrate Sunshine Week

Mar 18, 2015

It's all about letting the public's business see the light of day.
Credit Wikimedia

Let the sun shine in.  And in this case, we refer to the sun metaphorically. 

This is "Sunshine Week" across the country, the week journalists and other lovers of public documents and meetings celebrate successes in putting and keeping the public's business before the public eye. 

It's not always easy... even when documents are considered part of the public record, public agencies often put up either a fight or a high price to obtain those documents. 

Sunshine Week is a creation of the American Society of News Editors; ASNE legal counsel Kevin Goldberg joins us for a status report--and to answer some questions about how any of us might go about obtaining information that rightfully belongs before the public. 

Mentioned in the interview: The Sunshine in Government Initiative and the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press.