Medford Council Approves Goat Landscaping

Aug 22, 2018

Two goats will help keep a Medford golf course manicured thanks to a temproary permit.

The Medford City Council approved a permit that will allow the Bear Creek Golf Course to use the goats as unconventional lawnmowers for a year, despite the city's no-livestock ordinance.

The goats will help trim bushes on the green of the course.

Medford City Council Member Clay Bearnson spoke about the permit on the Jefferson Exchange. He said the course managers made the request.

“They came to a meeting, I believe it was the first council meeting this month, and they requested to for a, I guess it would be like a conditional use permit, to allow two goats to eat their vegetation, their overgrowth.”  Bearnson said.

The goats are on a trial basis; the city council will review the ordinance again in one year to see if the use of the goats was efficient.