Looking For Firm Ground In A World Of Misinformation

Jan 21, 2020

Who do you believe if you don't believe scientists?  It's a hot topic in today's world, where your political party preference--at least in the United States--can often be divined from your position on climate change. 

This is the zone in which Cailin O'Connor focuses her research.

O'Connor is a philosopher of science at the University of California-Irvine, and her work deals with misinformation and the shakiness of certainty.  Which fits in perfectly with the Campus Theme for this academic year at Southern Oregon University, "Uncertainty." 

Cailin O'Connor visits the SOU campus to talk on misinformation and false beliefs, she visits the studio for a chat in advance.    

If the Senate trial is in session, this interview will be recorded for later airing.