Logging On Federal Lands Shut Down

Oct 7, 2013

The U.S. Forest Service has confirmed it is shutting down logging operations on national forests across the country due to the partial government shutdown.

Credit Nicholas_T/Flickr

The agency plans to notify 450 timber purchasers across the county early this week that timber sales and stewardship contracts will be suspended.

Logging is being shut down on 150 national forest nationwide.

The shutdown comes as loggers typically look forward to one more month of work before winter weather makes conditions tougher.

Oregon Representative Greg Walden said the stoppage is another reason the Senate should join the House in passing legislation to increase logging on national forests, in part by putting them under local control.

The White House has said if the measure passes the Senate, President Obama will be advised to veto the bill because it would harm habitat for endangered species, increase the chance of lawsuits, and limit the president's ability to create national monuments.