Life After Chumbawamba: Danbert Nobacon Visits

Oct 26, 2017

Maybe the band name "Chumbawamba" rings a bell. 

Try the lyrics to the group's best-known song: "I get knocked down, but I get up again..."  You can take it from there. 

Danbert Nobacon (not his birth name) was a key figure in Chumbawamba, but an outspoken believer in anarchy and ecology before and since. 

He's also an author, with works including 3 Dead Princes: An Anarchist Fairy Tale.  Nobacon visits Ashland for words at the Ashland Literary Arts Festival and songs at a pair of Rogue Valley venues. 

He visits the studio to talk about his work. 

Below: Danbert Nobacon performs "Karma Won't Save Us" in our studio.