JPR Live Sessions Presented by Sierra Nevada: Walker Lukens

Aug 16, 2019

Walker Lukens is an Austin, Texas based singer and songwriter known for his wide-ranging styles. His newest release Adult is a reflection of current events, wrapped in an up-tempo package designed to get people dancing.

Despite strongly disliking the term "adulting,"' Lukens admits that within the songs on Adult are subtle reflections of that very concept: the difficulty of maturing in our ever-changing and challenging environment.

In his first full band radio session to support the new album, Lukens (along with The Sidearms) performs U 2 Me 2, We See You, and Baby from Adult, out now via Modern Outsider Records.  He also treated us to a special bonus tune played solo at our Steinway piano!

JPR Live Sessions are recorded with Audix microphones. Located in Wilsonville, Oregon, Audix designs, engineers, and manufactures high performing, innovative products that contribute to the advancement of the professional audio industry.