JPR Live Sessions Presented by Sierra Nevada: John Butler Wednesday at 2pm

Aug 19, 2019

On Wednesday at 2pm, JPR welcomes John Butler into the studios for a JPR Live Session presented by Sierra Nevada Brewing Company.

Born in California and of mixed Australian, Greek and Bulgarian ancestry, John Butler began his musical career in classic if tentative style. An art-school dropout, he was "discovered" busking in 1996, bystanders marvelling at ‘the sweat flying off his brow’ and ‘the holy madness in his eyes’. The sound had, and still has, elements of folk, funk, reggae and rock all drizzled through the 90s Seattle sensibility.

The John Butler Trio is guitarist/vocalist John Butler, bassist Byron Luiters and percussionist Grant Gerathy. Their newest album Home was released in September. While continuing to create as a trio, this album was largely recorded and produced in a more solo format and reflects the deeply personal, critical yet redemptive nature of the inner and outer worlds Butler was experiencing and observing during this latest chapter of his life.

While exploring this inner world, Butler also traverses new sonic territory to combine his love of electronic and hip-hop production with folk and country instrumentation and songwriting traditions that have always inspired him. Dark and brooding, yet at the same time offering hope, this new album pushes the envelope, digs deeper and explores the frustrations, vulnerabilities and tensions of modern life.

Tune in Wednesday at 2pm for a JPR Live Session with John Butler on JPR's Rhythm & News Service. To listen online, click the "Listen Live" link at the top of the page and select "Rhythm & News."

John Butler Trio performs Wednesday night at Britt Music and Arts Festival in Jacksonville. The show begins at 7pm with Trevor Hall. Information at

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